Would You Rather Have A Veyron Or A Carrera GT?⁠ #shorts

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Would You Rather Have A Veyron Or A Carrera GT?⁠ #shorts

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  1. Always loved the look of a Carrera GT since I was a kid. It’s just one of those cars that has aged extremely well

  2. A Carrera GT all day long. From the first day I heard it at the Porsche dealership to today. It’s the one.

    1. The carrera is nice but cmon it’s a bugatti…. Only thing better is a keonigsegg or pagani

    2. ​@@bimb1436you mean more expensive? Not sure what makes those cars better; they’re more like art projects from independent makers. Bugatti and Porsche and both great examples of pure German engineering (Bugatti being built in France like the antiques)

    1. When you understand the real purpose of the Veyron and why it was created, it’s less about the general public and more about a man avenging his racing record in the form of a production car… Also the Veyron SS is a significantly better car than either of them, completely revised chassis, handles more like a Lotus than a Veyron evidently…

  3. This is the hardest car question I’ve ever been posed. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry, as I can’t afford either.

    1. But the Porsche would be more affordable to look after ,a very wealthy man could afford the Porsche, he could never afford the maintenance on a bugatti.

    2. It’s like automatic winding watches versus wind only watches. One is easier and more mechanically complex. One is more tactile. It would depend on what other cars you have. If you have other Porsches it’s easy. If you could only afford one as your fun car then it would be silly not to buy a could cars

    3. @@shaunportlock4924bro 🤡 NO after owning a 718 car ( about 80,000$) Porsche is obviously not a cheap choice and a MILLION DOLLARS PORSCHE CARRERA GT ? its absolutely gonna be bonkera even compared to veyron

    1. Its actually accurate lol. I’ve never driven the carrera gt but I’ve driven other porches and the shifts feel almost, like, padded? Idk, its hard tk explain but it’s so so smooth.

  4. I’m sorry but I hate it when people keep repeating that the Veyron is only for flexing on the general public. The Veyron was an absolute marvel of engineering for its time and there is nothing wrong if one chooses the Veyron because they like it for what it is and not for what other people think of it. I’m disappointed to see so many clowns in this comments section.

    1. I hate it when people have an opinion, and if their opinion isn’t my opinion, they’re clowns 😒

  5. I love the Veyron. In my eyes, it’s always been THE car. Possibly my favourite hypercar ever and every time I see one I fall in love with the looks, the interior, prestige, the iconicness, the numbers. The carrera gt is phenomenal, but that just makes me preferring the Veyron a testament to how high I hold the Veyron

  6. If Im 100 percent honest its rhe Veyron. I think as car enthusiasts we will all say tye Carrera GT BUT if money was no object we will pick the Veyron. Because if we are honest the Carrera GT experience though great is alls not that uniqie (at this price point). The Veyron is automotive canon.

    1. ​@@andreabortolotto2761All cars are actually golfs when you scratch the surface off… Golfs or Fiat 500s

    1. Yeah lowkey crazy-esp when u consider he didny even get a “cheap supercar” and splashed out on a maintenance heavy older car

    2. @@lordviper1234 he did get the ford gt way before cars and bids was really huge and back than it was even cheaper. Doug is just a real enthusiast and really doesn’t seem to care about new flashy supercars, he seems to really like having uniqueness over hype.

    3. He is very smart with his money. A lot of YouTubers get their moment of fame and just spend insane amounts of money on everything they ever wanted, thinking it’s gonna last forever just for them to end up right back where they started or even worse, when the viewes inevitably slow back down.

    4. @@h0lycrap i remember that but at the time I don’t think they were very expensive at all. Always choosing his deals. Especially with the Aston and the Ferrari

    1. Lol yes wasn’t good looking then still isnt now, so its like a spoiled milk from the store, its even more spoiled now

    2. They don’t get the point of the Veyron. It was built for a purpose and fulfilled it perfectly. Better then the Chiron. The carerra did the same. Both are vw

    3. Am I the only person who just isn’t crazy about Bugattis? I mean it’s impressive and all, but if I’m going to be in the market for hypercars, there are much better options.

  7. Doug DeMuro is the type of guy that types his pod cast notes in Excel. Not surprised at all. Well done.

  8. one is trying to hug you with comfort and speed like a mother and the other one is pretty damn hot chick but redflag and trying to kill you all day

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