Xavier Wulf Wants to GO!? Wulf vs Hert (& Vin) (DTB 020)

The brand-new censor bar knapsack wish to GO too!

@XavierWulf is without a doubt a member of the extended family of mad lads. He wasn't even on the race card and he showed up at the track with his tuned BMW F80 M3 and he wished to GO! fulfills the obstacle in Lord Frightening (our JZ switched Quick & the Furious homage truck), and the stimulates fly!

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Wants to GO!? Wulf vs Hert (& Vin) (DTB 020)

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    1. I love Dan I would love to see him back on Hoon again but I can live without bad daddy Brady’s subpar work lol thought he was entertaining

  1. Xavier been a real car guy its great to see him on the show. Watching this dude shift the automatic like he was in Fast & Furious was funny as hell tho 😂

  2. The most “dad” moment of all time: just won the race, dead silent, “this thing moves dude” “ya this thing moves”.

  3. Every single racer grinning ear to ear the whole race both times, that’s what I like to see!!!! These guys are having tons of fun, friendly competition is the best.

  4. Straight the best this vs that episode yet 🔥the whole do you wanna go is toooooo funny couldn’t stop laughing this whole episode. We need another beer with hert please 🍻

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