You Asked for It: Jameson’s Lexus LX 450 (DTB 040)

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It's extremely sized AND supercharged! Jameson's lifted Lexus came outfitted from the factory with a Magnuson , however he's the one who put on the drifty hood scoop and 2.5" of lift to fit 40" tires!

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You Asked for It: Jameson's (DTB 040)

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  1. Duuuuude, these trucks are solid, and the engines are bulletproof too as long as you’re handy with a wrench, thank you as always Hoonigans for keeping us entertained every week 🙏🏼

    1. According to the service manual, there’s quite a bit of work needed at 300k miles 😂🤣😂. I had one with 240k or so and it was modded about like this one (minus the supercharger).

  2. should keep it an suv but buy a back half of another one and extend it by welding another trunk section to it. that would be insane.

  3. Scotto: what is that smell? It’s so familiar but it’s not weed, oh it’s tires

    A man of class I see! Never change

    1. @Powerful Jack Glass yooo I completely forgot about that! Mans growing and everything
      Never forget the OG DT days✊

  4. Stopped by the shop last week and did a tour, saw this chopped already was interested in what he was going to do!

  5. Love hoonigan and their diversity of rides within the staff. Can’t wait to see what Jameson does to this 80 series!

  6. Jameson is the perfect counter for Suppy cause he’s just chill all around. If you watched the C6 Z06 build you’ll know what I’m talking about haha Can’t wait to see the progress on this thing

  7. Love my 97 lx450, Was a mint rig found and saved from a pick and pull yard, paid a grand for it last year, had a key made, started right up and drove home! Been driving it ever since!

  8. That’s so sick, what a rig! Please show it again when he’s done with the flat deck conversion, would love to see it

  9. that’s frekn cool man, these bonus videos have been brilliant. Suppy has really come into his own and it looks like everyone is enjoying themselves.

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