You can now keep your hands clean, and your toilet cleaner…🚽 #toilet #cooltech #future

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You can now keep your hands clean, and your toilet cleaner…🚽 #toilet #cooltech #future

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  1. Imagine getting in one of these bathrooms and having to sit on a wet toilet seat💀💀

    1. Guys why are you liking this comment. Anyone who liked this bot comment just embarrassed themselves

  2. I hate having to clean my bathroom, I need that Just close up your bathroom door and hit a button and it’s self cleaning. We all need that.

    1. @@pralayaryan this way you could turn it on and go do something else like the rest of your house. I clean my bathroom everyday because I hate germs. This could save me 30 minutes a day.

  3. So the bathroom literally floods everytime someone flushes? Uh, i like the idea, but theres probably waaay better ways to accomplish the same thing.

  4. Such a waste of water… You know what the best Solution would be? That people dont make it disgusting in the First Place.

    1. It does use a ton of water.. this looks like a prototype and I’ll bet it will get significantly better over time.. however, expecting humanity to change their nasty bathroom habits.. not gonna happen lol

    2. Yeah, that not gonna happen. Some dudes just have such a hard time aiming for the hole!!!

  5. It will be wash itself after every 20 seconds what if you are sitting there for last 10 mins…….😂

  6. It reflects the horror faced by the manufacturer after they had to clean the whole bathroom floor and quarantine the used comod.

    Hopefully Waste of water can be reduced though.

  7. No matter the amount of wash, bacteria will be hiding and landing on something. Handles bars weren’t even washed 😂

  8. Lololol I refuse to pay Janitors living wages!!!!

    This should pay itself off in……..hmmm…..well sht.

  9. Electricity already costs my dad $400 a month, this would make his electricity bill turn to $2,000 a month lol

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