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  1. Nice car and good job on pointing out details. FYI, translucent means that light can pass through it. So, the button will make the roof toggle between states of being translucent or opaque. #CommentForTheAlgorythm

    1. Yeah, but he should have mentioned “To make this Non-Translucent ​@@tomwillg028in stead of it already being translucent and hitting the button to make it go to a ststae it’s already in. His wording was incorrect so the guy who made this comment was correct for pointing out the verbal error

  2. Hope it comes with a long warranty. If the electrics go wrong then it’s a potential money pit. Looks amazing and great design features.

  3. The exterior (especially the back window/boot-lid) reminds me of the Jensen Interceptor, a UK car from the 1970s – albeit a stretched version.

  4. I love how scblondie is always showing us cars that don’t exist and will never exist 👌🏼

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