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    1. ​@[CleverUsername]not everything is about straight line speed if thats all you care about only watch Bugatti Chiron videos

    2. @[CleverUsername]doug has been very outspoken with some solid arguments of why Ferrari would be better off making manual cars again. People spending millions of dollars on a car want a driving experience that is engaging and demands skill. Porsche knows this and most 911s are bought with manual trans even though the dual clutch is faster and easier

    3. @Agu62 then don’t buy it a manual transmission isn’t rocket science like most people assume

    1. ​@nicolascorre6830 omg we get it. Everyone gets it. Things cost money. Jesus Christ the owners know what they’re getting into.

  1. Doug is the type of guy that changes his tee shirt once a week whether he needs to or not!!! 🙄

  2. Gotta have that type because everyone that buys this needs to shave a quarter millisecond off their lap time like they’re professional racers 🤦🏻‍♂️. Should be a real stick shift.

  3. The mirrors are the only design blemish. That aside, this is the most beautiful car ever manufactured. I don’t even know why I like it so much.

    1. I love the fender mounted mirrors. If it had an actual gated manual it would easily be my favorite hypercar.

    1. The cars they make as much better,
      Their racing is also much better (except F1😭),
      The company politics… started to exist and ruined a lot of things…

  4. That shifter control panel looks like chromed plastic slider controls on the brushed aluminum front panel of an inexpensive 1980’s Radio Shack stereo receiver you might find at Goodwill.

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