World Exclusive! Driving the McLaren P1 Spider from Lanzante | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

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In this World Wide WEB drives a cars and truck that Peter PARKER would undoubtedly be a fan of – the P1 Spider, developed by Lanzante. Ideally that's got the puns out of the method along with the obligatory Spider-Man recommendation to help nudge along the SEO.
For now this is the only P1 Spider around. Ultimately there will be five consumer cars and trucks in addition to this model, which is going through final development, but it will stay an exceptionally rare sight. It is the work of Lanzante, the same company that took the F1 GTR to victory at the 24hrs of Le Mans in 1995. Now an authorised service centre (specialising in the Ultimate Series cars and trucks) and well known for its unique projects, Lanzante has actually brought to life what seems like the last piece of the open leading hybrid hypercar puzzle – Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, Porsche 918 Spyder and now this.

With the P1's original designer, Paul Howse, assisting to shape the Spider and with the P1's original test motorist, Chris Goodwin, offering feedback on the characteristics, it's no surprise that it feels and look like a factory cars and truck. It's likewise testament to the vehicle's aesthetic rightness that it appears like it would be a fairly simple task to take the roof off a P1, but as Dean Lanzante explains to us in this film it has taken a great deal of work.

We were provided a minimal mileage with the P1 Spider, so we decided to maximize each and every single yard and have it transferred directly to an amazing piece of road that would really test it. Ten years on from the P1's launch, its turbocharged V8 and electrical motor (producing a combined the 903bhp and 664lb feet of torque) still feels mighty and the sounds that it produces are arguably a lot more wild in this Spider version.

Hopefully you enjoy this newest episode of The Driver's Seat in association with Mobil1. If you expensive owning a P1 Spider then it will set you back a cool ₤ 2.4 million consisting of donor vehicle. But if you 'd like to support this program and the YouTube channel in general, then you can do so for substantially less by investing in a membership to the Hagerty Drivers Club

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World ! Driving the McLaren P1 Spider from Lanzante | – The Driver’s Seat

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  1. Hope you all enjoy this! Just want to say thank you to Glenn and Ben for another ace job with the filming – the long drone shot at the end of the intro has to be one of my all-time favourites in terms of conveying a sense of space and escapism.

    1. I remember you guys did a similar shot with the bmw m5 cs video at the end. That was equally as good if not better

    2. Amazing ! Great insights, great shots and even better commentary ! Keep it up and look forward to more ! Drone shot is the highlight !

      What is the location where the car is being driven ?

    1. Yeah I mean we see the design borrowed in newer cars over 10 years. It was surely ahead of its time when launched.

  2. I love the rear carbon hoops that Lanzante did behind the seats, it looks like half of a Targa top that Porsche would build.

  3. This car is the perfect P1. I love the color combo, and the lack of roof makes it look as special as it is. I’m a fan of open cars anyway, but they aren’t always as well executed as this one. I love it!

    1. ​@John HafnerNo, this is all Lanzante. Heck, you need to donate your existing hardtop P1 for conversion.

  4. Excellent project from Lanzante, it looks so good. The wow-factor of the P1 has always been its visceral nature, and the spider version just accentuates its best trait. What a machine.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know why people are getting so upset about the loss of the barely 100 hp weight of a motorcycle battery pack and hybrid system when you can be lighter and more powerful with the upgraded engine.. you made the right choice my friend. I suggest getting a little shot a nitrous for that button on the steering wheel.

  5. Seeing this in person at Goodwood FOS this year, it does not disappoint. The detail and execution is stunning, it looks like it was always destined to be built. You would assume items such as the windscreen are new, bespoke items, but no. It’s the original screen, unbelievably. What a thing and worth every penny; I think everyone that could, would.

  6. Such a special project and theres nobody better to express and articulate the significance and experience this car delivers than Henry.

  7. Paul Howse and Frank Stephenson did an incredible job with this. By far the most beautiful McLaren ever (except the F1 of course).

  8. I already thought P1 Spider looked gorgeous when I first saw it; it’s even better in motion. My hat’s off to Lanzante for this feat of design and engineering!

    Huge thanks to the kind owner for allowing P1 Spider to be driven, and to Mr. Catchpole and the team for this fantastic video.

  9. The fact that McLaren is still offering support 10 years later and spending money on developing an upgraded battery for this car is marvelous.

  10. Mad appreciation for being able to speak so well whilst clearly making the very most of limited milage by not hanging around!

  11. I can’t think of anyone else who’d have done this video justice other than Henry. Also, if it wasn’t for the interview I wouldn’t have known the P1 Spider isn’t a factory built offering – meaning these guys have done brilliant work.

  12. With regulatory and design philosophy changes that have come since the creation of original P1, it remains to this day the most well executed modern McLaren by quite some margin! This Lanzante Spider version is just an absolute masterpiece cherry on an already delicious cake.

  13. Henry I hope you feel rewarded for the work you do; the craft and curation you and your team pour into these “micro movies” must be vast. If you were a panel beater putty manufacturers would be out of a job, as there is no “filler. Superb quality mate, thank you muchly from down under!

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