First Time On TRACK In My 911 GT3! [Red Bull Ring]

I go to the @Pirelli P-Zero Experience at the #RedBullRing in Austria with my # 992 generation #Porsche # 911GT3. This is my very first track day with the cars and truck since I purchased it at the start of the year.

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First Time On TRACK In My 911 GT3! [Red Bull Ring]

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    1. Absolutely! When they did that tour a few years ago where Tony brought his 458 Speciale Aperta or the 488 Pista, he was absolutely gunning it through the twisties in the Alps. Great car control. You could clearly see he was dancing right at the limit of grip.

    2. He was doing a lot of track days with archie in the past, archie was teaching him and probably other track monsters aswell, he knows what he is doing

  1. LOVE IT! Great footage and cinematic footage with all the action. Good to see following the Podcast from Gatwick BMW and the story of the Ring and Tony nearly swapping paint. Looking forward to the Podium meet.

    1. How often do these guys accidentally shift to a wrong gear and end up with an over rev issue? That is always a concern of mine as it usually ends up in the ECU as an occurrence and possible engine problem later. Just asking as I have two manual 911’s and have so far not f’d up on my shifting

  2. Doesnt matter how slow you’re going. You’re driving around the redbull ring in your own GT3, you’re still winning.

    1. ​@21sled nope it doesn’t matter the speed, the most important thing is the emotion of the 6 speed manual driving

    2. If you don’t mind wrecking your car occasionally, my suggestion for better lap times is late on the brakes snd early on the power. And if you don’t feel the grim reaper is in the passenger seat smiling then there is still more speed there to be had.

  3. Love the roadtrip content! The German podcasts have been good fun as well. Keep up the good work and movie like content. Cheers from Amsterdam.

  4. Brilliant video Sam. Very intriguing seeing the difference between your manual GT3, and Tony’s PDK GT3. He can also pedal around a track pretty well too 👍🏾

  5. Your first laps were pretty good but after going with Tony you were really starting to explore the limits a lot more (track limits too I might add 😁). Now you see the difference between the stock Pirrelis and a Trofeo or Cup 2 on track. Looks to me like you had a great time and that’s always the most important thing.

  6. Great driving Sam, don’t put yourself down, you were more than fast enough, Tony probably has more seat time on track, another cracking video

  7. Seeing you and Tony “compete”on track was such great footage. It felt like I was watching an actual cup car race!

    1. Love how tony is pressing him in the corners but isn’t overly aggressive and only goes for the pass on the straights, this shows he knows track etiquette and isn’t like those track monsters who run you off the track for being slower/ less experienced

  8. Genuinely Impressive! Tony saying that PDK means there’s “one less thing to think about” seems like an understatement to me. Balancing brakes, clutch and steering with one hand is far more than a single element; so the fact you were so close to his pace is commendable indeed!

    1. Well, it does autoblipp so the only thing really is to clutch while downshifting. I’ve run them both and the gearing is a bigger difference than the actual work in the car.

  9. Great video Sam – personally loved seeing the 510hp Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio – a 5 seater ‘daily’ perfectly at home on a track!!

    1. Not really 😅 That’s me in the Giulia. As a daily its super nice, but on track, especially on stop&go tracks like Red Bull Ring, its a destroyer of brakes; I went through a whole set of front pads, and will also have to replace disc rings, due to cracks that developed. Its simply too heavy for such tasks. Without front camber kit it also eats outer tyre edges for breakfast. With the driver its almost 1800 kg…

      Anyway, here is my sort if decent but still too slow lap:

  10. At 76 I feel I am too old for track time like you showed us in the new video, but you brought me right back to it. What a pleasure. Thank you so much

  11. Two gt3’s with your mate, can’t get much better. Brilliant work and very much enjoying the Podcast 🤙👏

  12. I was the one in grey Giulia QV – It was nice meeting you in person Sam (and Tony) – really down to earth and easy to talk to gentlemens. Keep up the work you do!

  13. Congrats on having a GT3 and actually tracking it, I’ve come across so many GT3 owners who don’t! I enjoyed watching you stir through the gears mate, you specced it for YOUR driving pleasure which in most drivers opinions involves the gearstick and clutch marriage, but take nothing away from the PDK, its an awesome box and deserves its status. In time the speed will come through, one thing I noticed which isn’t a criticism but an observation, maybe you could be smoother on turning, smooth and steady will make you faster in the long run, plus you wont upset the balance of the 911, this is from advice from actual racing drivers who came in the car with me in the past, so its personal experience not just me waffling. Looking forward to more track content. Great channel

  14. More track days Sam!
    Wish Tony had a camera in his car chasing you…that would have been some awesome laughs.

  15. Love your content, and especially your GT3 content! That car it just so damn beautiful to look at, and the engine sound is just phenomenal🥰
    Continue to do what you’re doing man!

  16. Well done Sam! Awesome to see you gain confidence in the GT3 and having so much fun!
    Tony is very impressive and relaxed on track, something I didn’t expect from him 😂. The man can drive!
    You both have a great dynamic on the podcast, but it translates really well here on camera as well! Looking forward to the next videos 🤩

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