1999 Ford Contour SVT Sunroof Switch Quirk! #shorts


1999 Ford Contour SVT Sunroof Switch Quirk! #shorts

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  1. I swear Doug reads my mind because I just noticed a Ford Contour for the first time today, and when I picked up my phone a few minutes later, this video was the first thing in my feed.

    1. Could be, in any case it’s certain that there was a VERY good penny-pinching reason the switch is where it is

  2. Fyi, the mechanism and motor of the sunroof is most likely occupying the space behind the plastic in the middle, so the switch was moved to the side for clearance reasons, since the switch is also just a regular ford windows switch, so it was not really designed to be particularly flat in its profile.

  3. That makes me wonder if that mold is used in other vehicles where a sunglasses or garage door opener normally is.

  4. I owned a 2000 SVT Contour! Picked it up the day I graduated high school. I loved that car. It was crap but it was great crap!

  5. I had a Mercury Mystique and it was the best car while it ran. It all started going downhill when 2 of the 3 cats threw a code. The V6 was smooth but not as smooth as the ride.

  6. I have fun with these cars. I have a 99 Mercury Cougar I swapped a 3.0 from a Taurus used the cams and intake from the SVT making 235whp which was decent for in 08

  7. I own this car. And never in my live would I ever spend one second thinking about stuff like this. But this is the reason I find Doug so entertaining I guess

  8. RE; Subaru Baja video-
    My cousin worked on this car and later on the WRX and said they WEREN’T trying to make a pickup but rather an updated Brat.
    They’d originally planned to make it’s bed expand in length in BOTH directions !? They DID it one direction with the snap on gate which is kinda cool but couldn’t get approved for the other direction which would’ve been similar to the chevy avalanche.

  9. This car was first market it in UK so therefore sunroof switch as designed for right hand drive car

  10. They could’ve put in a sunglass compartment in that molded piece but cars did not adopt that feature until the 2000s.

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