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  1. Can we all just appreciate how far this man has come, I look up to him I want to be like him he’s this cool entrepreneur and reviews cool cars for us to enjoy and he makes being successful look so easy

    1. Behind the scenes he has to write the script, probably do multiple takes, reach out to dealerships or manufacturers or individuals to borrow their cars, etc etc. And early on he probably did all the film and editing work himself as well

    2. @EZblaze exactly, the success you see does not come easy. it took years of him being clowned, doubted, and laughed at before he made serious money or reviewed/drove any of the expensive cars like you see today. dougs dedication is admirable and i appreciate him for staying the same throughout all of it.

  2. Reminds me of the 2006 E-class and its sporty “gear change request” shifter. The car would take your request under advisement.

  3. Is it lengthened? I think that might be it. Looks more luxury sports sedanish to me. I 💕 IT! Just isn’t what my vision of the accord is. BRAVO 👏👏👏 Honda

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