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    1. I am concerned about the 4 motors failing over the years and costing thousands, but it is definitely vastly better than how tesla implemented it

    1. Many modern vehicles already have electric steering, my 2018 ram 1500 has electric steering as did my old 2012 charger Rt, I believe it’s the “variable turning” that is new

    2. ​@TheSRT Superb8eI think you’re mistaking electric power steering with steer by wire. Steer by wire has no physical connection between the wheel and the steering rack, which allows it to be variable. Only Infiniti and Toyota have put it to production.

    1. ​@Tadasand out of all of the car manufacturers in the world, lexus probably think things through the most. What even was OP’s comment :/

    2. One strange thing is that when I first heard about Tesla’s yoke, they said it would work like described in this video, progressive steering, but for some reason that didn’t happen.

  1. And now they need a separate motor to provide feedback to the wheel too. I worry all these expensive features are going to make a lot of car shaped ewaste in the future.

  2. You’re not a F1 driver that never takes his hands off the steering. You’re just doing your daily commute, and for that a normal steering wheel just seems far better (and probably safer)

    1. You don’t have to take your hands of the yoke like a tesla for tight turns. At low speeds it will steer more and at high speed less with the same degree of rotation.

    2. @SALAD MAN All it takes to accidentially steer into something is that you get disoriented for a second (Or maybe just having a bad day). Mind you even in aircraft the amount of yoke rotation corresponds to how much the control surface are moving.

      tl;dr Yoke for regular cars are stupid. Just why..

    3. @SALAD MAN That is at least a huge improvement. But you will let it go. In the end the car is just a commuter. So if you want to take a sip of coffee or anything. So for most persons a normal round steering wheel that you can grab where ever is far more practical.

  3. Because I flown airplanes for years, I love the steering yoke. Economically, I would not want to pay extra for it, only for it to become an issue on trade-in or resale.

  4. Steer by wire sounds like a great idea till you have a minor electronic problem and your steering is completely gone.

  5. I remember some time ago, I think in the 1990’s, maybe even earlier, SAAB was experimenting with a joystick, no steering wheel, no yoke, no joke.
    That would make more sense now though, since the steering wheel is not physically connected to the wheels anyway in some cars.

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