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  1. Yeah, but it’s only in the mid 5 second range if you pay the $100 monthly power subscription. If you don’t buy the $1200/year power subscription, it’s about a second slower, (as MB has done across the board with all their EVs). So you’re looking at mid 6’s, closer to a Civic Si, but a new GT86, Miata, Elantra N, etc will smoke this thing without the stupid power subscription.

    1. Conparing a luxury car vs a cheap daily civic/ sports car. They arnt even the same target audience. Granted these eq models are ugly af and i would never buy one. I dont think speed is the goal of this car

    2. Tesla charges $10k to get Ludicrous mode on their older models. Not sure which is worse, but at least with the Merc you only need to pay for the time you actually want it instead of paying through the nose for something you may only use a few times.

    1. That’s disrespectful. It looks like an accord and you know it.

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