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    1. Don’t think black horses can do anything to demonic cats and demons, even the little bees (scats) are gonna bother the horses

    2. @Hamadthat’s funny lol these would destroy any cat or scat around a track but all you know is straight line speed because you’re uncultured

    1. It really does. I had a different review channel in my feed yesterday and they didnt immediately say what it was so i thought it was a new camaro. I was genuinely shocked when they said mustang.

  1. Mustangs should have a suped up 5.0 version with AWD. Call it the Crazy Horse and it only purpose is to be a 0-60 monster. It would sell like crazy. It would be like an American GT-R but with a V8. For the life of me, I do not know why no American car company has not made any of their muscle cars all wheel drive they literally make it seem like people don’t love accelerating quickly. And then just have a switch where you can deactivate the front if you just want it to be donut machine. but outside of doing donuts rear wheel drive is really not advantage on the road especially with high horsepower cars it’s more of a liability than anything. I understand in the love of rear wheel drive cars, but I don’t think Ford understands the love that people have for all wheel drive performance cars they don’t have to make all mustangs that way just make one really good version that way and then watch it sell like crazy.

  2. Ford is crazy for how much they charge for this car 😂 i honestly think Ford can sell theses for 100k and ppl would still buy them

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