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  1. Well , a regular e36 is a pile of sh** made of car probably $800 experience car, cheap material and everything, which everyone strip out the whole glue made of interior to use for drifting

    1. @Max Waltherthe e36 interior wasn’t a bad place to be when it was new but if we’re being honest, they felt tinny and hollow and fell apart much faster than some Japanese interiors like the Civic that you mentioned. The Civic wasn’t nearly as nice of an interior but it always worked and always remained in tact which kind of trumps a pretty dash. The e36 has a famously shitty interior and that’s not really news.

    2. @Chase T I guess I never heard that criticism until now. I had a 97 328i with the tan interior for 3 years, bought it from the original owner. No hard plastics, they all had a bit of squish to them which was so nice. The leather seats in that car were the thickest leather I ever felt in a car besides the buffalo leather in a Ford King Ranch. I loved the carpet too. The e46 would be the one I would call cheap, I was very disappointed by my 330ci. I guess the convertibles need a more rugged interior. Looking for a 97 or earlier z3 now, and one of the main reasons is the interior.

    3. @Max Walther civic ?
      😂 those even worse , don’t get me start on those idiots , drive their 98’ $200 civic with a full straight pipe and a fake Carbon fiber spoiler from eBay that cost more than the car item lol

      Absolutely sh** box

      I’m Bmw guy , but I just can’t be bias into it , e36 just not for me man

      Maybe e36 m3 euro spec with s50
      Better engine
      Instead of downgrade low power s52

      Regular e36 drift track is where it belong

      Over here , many people take it to drifting so yep

    4. @Chase T thank you for the explaining to him
      I’m a e34 guy , personally own 2 , 525 and 540i
      After 30yr , the interior still mint like how it was , real leather , and the e36 nothing alike , I always think that the e30 and e34 shoulda be in the same gen
      Vs how e36 and e34 they call them the same gen , which they look nothing alike

      The e30 and e34 and e32 is basically the same just the size different, IMO

  2. Not even worth half to be honest. Like 6 is a good price. They are overhyped as all hell.

    But that’s a European talking

  3. wtf. In EU they start at 20.000€.
    Start ! with like 200.000kms+ some goes 60.000€+
    We’re on a different planet.

  4. In the time since I paid $2k for my 328is, the value has tripled, so I can only imagine M3s.

    Plus E36 M3s only come in two flavors: Ratted out with high-mileage or pristine for a number no sane person would pay.

  5. I bought a manual E36 M3 coupe for $7k with 160k miles during the early days of COVID shutdowns. I put maybe $1500 into it fixing and preventing typical E36 issues.

    I sold it last year at the height of used car hysteria for $16,500.

  6. I paid $13,5 for a 97 in 2005 with 70k and sold it for $11k 2 years later with 117k on the odometer. I miss that car, but I can’t imagine the current prices for these cars.

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