Citroen Concept made with cardboard!

This is the funkiest concept and truck in the world, the Oli. This concept is absolutely incredible. It has completely vertical windscreen for material and cooling effectiveness, it has ingenious product on the roofing that you can base on, and it has an interior loaded with wacky details.

Today, Alex shows you why the Oli is among the coolest principle and trucks on the planet!

Special thanks to @citroen for having us!

Presented by Alex:

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Citroen Concept made with cardboard!

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  1. Wow nice concept car. I like the fact that there is very little electronics. I hope they go forward with it. More importantly I’d love to see it come to the states!

  2. My late grandpa also called Pierre, he really like Citroen. I he’s still alive to see this beautiful car.

  3. The irony of it is that they tried to be so utilitarian and focus only on what is needed but the design is so unique that it actually becomes lovable for its aesthetic. It really would stand out against all the crossovers in the streets today.

    1. I have to agree with you, the design is so unusual but also fashionable at the same time ❤ fascinating! Id love to have one if the price is reasonable 😂

    2. A successful exercise of design. Straightforward functionality and funky, appealing looks

  4. Очень интересный и необычный автомобиль, точно не останешься незамеченной на дороге.

  5. I’m not gonna lie, I actually really like this and would consider buying one exactly the way that one is. color and all.

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