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    1. That was not a real race, the guy on the F40 did not push the car not even close the real performance

  1. Seems mostly the AWD which makes the Merc (much) quicker off the line. Once they get going…
    (…or when the race isn’t a straight line).

    1. I’d bet the F40 owner also didn’t want to launch with significant RPM. Anything that breaks on that car is gonna be in the tens of thousands or more.

    1. the comments under this post are proving a point…. anyone that says a single good thing about a supra is 12 apparently

  2. He won 1 out of the 3 Races. The first one he showed was the one where the owner of the F40 didn’t want to push it too much, but on the other 2, The F40 won, although the E450 got ahead for a good portion of the races.

    1. And looks like ferrari was not even close to it’s limits. No wheelspins, the owner clearly was babying it.

  3. Next time you’re stressing appearances and how it may negatively effect your chances of being successful in this world just remember this man is doubled T’d up with bed head gappin F40s.

  4. Thisssssssssss… pretty much describes how the Autobahn is. No matter how fast you are, there’s always gonna be a salesman in his station wagon being even faster.

  5. Alternate Title: What happens when a nice rich guy has a little fun with his F40… but ain’t risking his clutch or anything to really hammer it.

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