My STUPID Mistake Nearly Ruined The Gated Murcielago…

Today I made a very really dumb mistake with my rare 6-speed Murcielago which almost cost me countless dollars. I locked my only set. of secrets inside it with the engine still RUNNING. Ed Bolian stated I would have to break the glass to get in. After 5 hours, we determined an option!

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My Nearly Ruined The Gated Murcielago…

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  1. never know when cars will lock. I always leave the window cracked when key is in ignition. if it was overheating you wouldn’t have hesitated break glass.

  2. I own a garage and my employees lock keys in cars a lot, and I can say from experience the little wedges and metal hook work best πŸ‘Œ

  3. Had myself locked out of my Miata many years ago on a car show. Called a professional to get me back in. I found it a really disturbing experience, how easy it was, to get the car opened without a scratch – and a key. Didn’t you feel the same with the Lambo? Just some squishi-squishi magic and boom, you’re in? 😨

    1. I had the same with an MX-5 I owned years ago. Locked the keys inside and a locksmith was in the car in 10 seconds. Crazy!

  4. Next time try to Block the exhaust and the car will turn off (going to be difficult with the V12). Congrats for all the vids!

  5. Picking a winner in 2 days?!? Holy moly I’m so excited!! I’m so glad I moved to Glendale this year, I hope to run into you guys at a show sometime soon!! Glad you didn’t break a window! So expensive to replace! Great job Justin!!

  6. Thankfully you didn’t break the glass, because I’ve seen someone do this, and a little piece of glass went in the gated manual transmission! It needs to be done with the emergency breaking glass tool if you do it, and not with bare hands or smashing it πŸ˜›

  7. I would have straight up bricked my pants, so you did well to stay calm and even made some content out of it. Shows the mindset of a person able to turn every negative to a positive.

  8. Always leave a window down when closing the doors with the key in man. I made the same mistake and now even with Japanese cars I leave a window down.

  9. I don’t know what the difficulty of getting a spare key is, but it shouldn’t be as bad as breaking the glass or having to do engine work.

  10. I doubt the engine would have overheated since it was idling outside. Personally If I have to get out of the car to get something I usually just crack the window a bit just as peace of mind.

  11. Time to order a second key??? Also is it possible to clone the remote entry similar to cloning a garage door opener??

  12. Although it’s difficult you can stall the car by blocking the exhaust. as far as I know it doesn’t cause any damage. Glad you didn’t have to pay for a replacement window panels! Good luck to everyone these next two days as the giveaway concludes πŸ™‚

  13. Preemptively ….. go have a couple of normal $5 car keys made at your local locksmith and keep one in your pocket or in your shop….. it will NOT start your car… but it will open the doors πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. Ford owned Jag, Mazda, Volvo, Aston Martin, Land Rover and a bunch of other car brands all around the same time. Lots of parts sharing going on back then

  15. I was a lube tech at a dealer and one of the first things they tell us is you are going to leave a car running roll down the window enough to be able to stick your arm in and unlock it if needed.

  16. That heart in mouth moment then the sick feeling then panic. It’s that overheat deffo gets the anxiety going

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