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  1. Looks like every other 2016-2023 mazda suv if anyone pays that for this hunk of plastic id truly laugh right in their face

    1. mate you have a porsche as your prfp and u clearly havent been in a mazda, has the reliability of toyota, luxery of a bmw, for less price than one

    1. Ever since the Mazda6 was discontinued and the Mazda3 uses torsion beam, they have lost that edge. However they still have the mx5 miata and a bit ironically the cx50

    2. @Spikes Weekend Mazdaspeed. They had some great cars in the 90’s up to about 2010? when they were competing with other brands.

    3. @popinjayjunior7698  lots of mazdaspeed cars gone, they don’t have a great aftermarket for thier cars. Hard to find parts on older performance cars because they’ve already been picked. Sad story, I’ve owned 3 mazdas and they’re pretty good. The performance market is small though.

    4. @PopinJay Juniorgod I miss my 3rd Gen Mazda3. The torsion beam was the worst move they did to the Gen4. At least make the turbo models into multi link suspension setup.

  2. the headlights looks like someone had tried to gouge them out with their thumb but stopped midway. Also the rear end looks fat, very fat

  3. Why so say 60,000 dollars for a Mazda like it is bad thing? It will outlast all their European and American counter part combine. Also cheaper to maintain and repair

    1. There’s a reason why there’s Lexus and there’s Toyota. People don’t want to pay luxury car prices for a Toyota- or a Mazda for that matter.

    2. The CX-90 isn’t built like other Mazdas though. I think the Car Care Nut did a mechanical review of it and found Mazda was making a lot of the same mistakes European brands typically make, namely over-engineering.

    3. Mazda is taking a page out of VW’s book. At the turn of the century VW went upmarket, and we see that was successful.

      What they did wrong was developing going further into the luxury market instantly with the Phaeton. Mazda is doing this transition gradually.

      Mazda has been going upmarket for the past decade and it’s a nice alternative to Toyotas and Hondas.

      However from where I’m from, Mazda is in an awkward position where VW is in. The Mazda3 is so expensive that they can’t sell us the fully decked out model.

      Meanwhile, the Golf is too expensive that they don’t sell it anymore, they only sell the GTI and R models.

    4. Time will tell on the reliability front. Yes, the CX-90 is a brand new vehicle with brand new power plants, but at the very least they’ve not tied all the cabin controls into the dash mounted display, opting instead for discreet controls.
      Many members of my family own Mazda’s ranging from 2004 to 2017, and so far, apart from regular maintenance – oil, filters, coolant, brakes and the odd “known faults” (none of which were particularly expensive to repair) they’re still going strong. I’d not hesitate to hop in any of ‘em and do a long road trip tomorrow.
      I’m not sure how deep Toyota’s recent partnership runs (they will be sharing production lines in the USA), but I’m optimistic that Mazda will continue to produce excellent vehicles.
      I hope the American market will soon wake up to this excellent brand.

    1. I would never trust Kia. Their cars are poor quality, Kia cuts corners (the immobilizer issue), and the cars don’t hold their value.

  4. RAV4s and Sequoias are going for a lot more, so this isn’t exactly shocking. The SUV and truck market is crazy.

    1. Except for Mazdas haven’t had issues with cars spontaneously caching fire even when not started seatbelts blowing up and cars being able to be stolen with a usb cable and nothing else

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