Restoring A Rare Mercedes E55 AMG Super Wagon! Satisfying 5 Week Transformation Fixing EVERYTHING!

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I enjoy AMG and had to save a very ignored yet ultra-rare Mercedes . Just 193 of these super wagons were imported to the U.S and this one was driven into the ground and has 232,000 miles. In this video, you'll enjoy a complete 5-week transformation from repairing rust holes to paintwork, mechanical repairs, transmission concerns, paint correcting, and a lot more. Kick back, get a pop and enjoy the show!

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Restoring A Rare Mercedes E55 AMG Super Wagon! Satisfying 5 Week Transformation Fixing EVERYTHING!

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  1. That looks great. Gotta get an E55 one day when I have a larger garage. Maybe a wrecked SLS next? 😀

  2. Alex, the content keeps getting better and better. I can tell how hard you work to make this happen and as a fellow amg owner, I think it is fantastic. Your attention to detail is inspiring and that includes not only the work you’re doing on the car but also the editing of the video. My hats off to you!

  3. Alex, your channels has stayed the most consistent of any YouTuber I know. Stellar content! I’ve been blessed to meet you in person. The old saying “don’t meet your heros” DOES NOT apply to you, you’re just as pleasant in person as in your videos:)

  4. Love all your content Alex!!! Recently bought a cdi and I’m obsessed with your wagon, always loved wagons and the e55 wagon is such an awesome sleeper, keep making great content man👍👍

  5. loved this !! so much satisfaction !! i can relate so much about saving those special cars !!
    keep up the good content and the wanderful work !

  6. Thanks so much Alex. I love your videos. I have been researching getting my own E55 AMG, and you are giving me a great deal of motivation to get one and do my own repairs👍🏽

  7. Great video, Alex! Love wagons and especially LOVE Mercedes wagons (I have a 94 E320 I am trying to restore – not to this level though). And man, the guys at Mancuso do amazing work – mad props to the body and paint guys. The car looks amazing!

  8. The amount of knowledge alex has is just crazy. I got into his videos because of the e55 sedan and haven’t stopped watching. Keep it up alex.✌🏼

  9. Great video as always! Really enjoyed seeing the complete transformation in just a single amd well edited video showing what matters, especially a good look at the finished wagon!

  10. It’s really great to see a regular guy who knows what he is doing and a rare cool car saved from the junkyard or crusher. The video editing/music is great too!!

  11. Love it! E55 AMG Wagon is one of my “keep forever” car choices (dad likes a big V8 noise, but there are three kids). And you did such a great job showing how they can be brought back from ratty condition without burning a ton of cash.

  12. Really great work , you made diagnosing the faulty abs look so simple 🙂 , I have an ML 350 and an ML 270CDI , would love to own an E55 at some point, especially an Estate (Wagon)

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