The Ferrari 328 Is an Underrated 1980s Analog Exotic Car


328 evaluation! The 328 is a beautiful old-school unique vehicle– and an extremely special one, boasting V8 power, a gated manual transmission, and significant styling. Today Kennan and I are examining a 328, and I'm going to reveal you all of its peculiarities and functions. I'm also the 328, and we'll evaluate the experience.


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00:00 THIS …
00:24 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:58 History
02:14 Quirks & Characteristics
04:29 Interior
05:38 Controls & Switches
06:48 Gated Manual Transmission
07:13 Gauge Cluster
08:00 Parking Brake
08:27 Horn
08:47 Pop Up Headlights
09:14 Roofing
10:02 Front Compartment
10:48 Back Compartment
13:39 Exterior
15:01 Impressions
20:30 Outro & DougScore

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The Ferrari 328 Is an Underrated 1980s Analog Exotic Car

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  1. Well there it is Doug’s got his ambitions set high. The Doug Demuro car review universe. I have a feeling we will start seeing new presenters as Doug transitions to just doing the cars he wants. Looking forward to the new talent.

    1. No … there not the same energy doug is way more fun to listen to … sorry other guy

    1. kenan actually is very knowledgeable in cars. I bought my 79’ Weber carb Ferrari 308 GTS from him where he was working and we talked cars for over 2 hours. He is a real car enthusiast person. It’s actually the 308 pictured in this video. It’s been flawless to this day and I’m so happy that I bought it when I did. It’s been super reliable for me the last 5 years.

  2. These engines are fairly easy to fix and maintain, compared to the nightmare engines that followed.

    1. Unless you have to pull out the front head. The you wanna die. Still, really cool engine.

    2. @Бранимир Петров Helped my dad change the engine heads. Took about 1 hour to get the front one off.

    1. Yeah. I don’t like the cohost format for this channel but if Doug is going to get a cohost at least get one that contrasts him. I have nothing against this guy but it’s kind of like watching two Dougs. Very strange.

    2. @Matt Baillargeon I feel like Doug wrote this script, and he’s trying to read it exactly like Doug would. He’ll find his own voice eventually I hope.

    3. @Craig Campbell I sort of agree, but I mean, I’m assuming this isn’t a permanent fixture, just as a one off thing, or maybe something every now and then. He just seems like he’s having some fun with his buddy and that’s completely fine

    4. Reminds me of the parody called “Basically a Tom Scott video” .. now i can’t wait for “Basically a Doug Demuro video/review” 🤔

  3. In my opinion, these Old School Ferraris (until 2003) are way cooler than these 2010s and 2020s Ferraris. Also, it’s cool for Doug to let a friend participate on a car review

    1. Amen. Modern Ferraris are wonders of technology and engineering — and have no soul. Who gives a flip if shifts are measured in milliseconds when you’re touring a B road with the top off? Give me a clutch pedal and hydraulic (or even better, manual) steering any day.

    2. Sadly this applies to most modern cars. They’re all technically advanced, yes; but they’ve also lost the distinctiveness of cars of pre 2000. You would never confuse a Mercedes with a BMW. Or a Ferrari with a Lamborghini.

    3. As a Ferrari enthusiast I would agree, but…, with perhaps one exception being the 2013 458 Speciale, which is arguably the perfect Ferrari. I fell in love with Ferrari when I first saw one in person as a kid; my dentist owned a 308GTB. I was in awe when I approached it, and every day since then that car has been a love affair that my wife is fine with.

  4. This looks like 1980 computer graphics — they did not have enough polygons for curves 😳

  5. Ken did a great job. He reviewed in Doug’s style, but I feel like Doug’s style is his and hearing another voice describe it in his manner is a little weird. I would prefer Doug do the reviews and add more talks with Ken, Hoovie, and others.

    1. I feel like they’re prepping us for when Doug wants to take a chill pill from youtube. I respect it.

  6. I think the side window strakes unlocking and opening up is more than just symmetry. It seems like it was also so you could clean those windows. It’s a lot easier to clean the outside of the window with the strake panel open than closed.

    1. I was wondering if the fuel filler is on the right hand side on right hand drive cars, maybe? Your window cleaning comment makes more sense though.

  7. If Doug thinks he can just transition to a new host slowly without anyone noticing, hes dead wrong lol. I smell a storm coming.

    1. I thought something like that immediately. He did say his bud was a Ferrari expert. So maybe his presence is just coincidence. But I agree , Doug makes the vidz what they are👍

    2. Doug has some friends. Good ones who love cars. He has come into some money now and is enjoying his channel more now than ever. The garage videos and now this are proof he’s having tons of fun and experimenting. Doug’s not going anywhere. But he’s welcome to share the fun with his friends.

    3. I agree, it’s fine for Doug to have some fun with his guests but they should just be guests (unless Doug gets more interesting friends). This particular guy has been making too many cameos and he’s terrible.

    4. I quite liked this, having someone like minded to bounce off during the video was really good to watch. I love the enthusiasm

  8. I do love this guy’s views on cars and I would watch him do his own opinion videos but for the reviews, I really want 100% Doug

  9. I feel like this is the beginning of Doug transitioning some of the reviews to Kennan. I could be wrong but that’s the feeling I get. Will be interesting to see what happens with the channel now that Doug and C and B are so stable.

    1. I really hope not. Nothing against Kennan, but I’m here for Doug. His personality is what this channel is about.

    2. We’re never going to see Doug try to fit into a back seat that he won’t fit in ever again 😢

    3. I think he just wants the dynamic of interacting with his friends. I think you’ll start seeing Doug just doing more videos with other people in them.

    4. @AdamG1983 The more the review went on, it seems just as likely that Kennan will just be the Ferrari friend. I really like their conversation videos that have been posted lately but agree Doug is the reason most people watch.

  10. Dougs the kinda guys to give love and support to his friends, so were the kinda people to give it right back. It’s cool to see Kennan back, and even cooler he gets to give us a tour of something

    1. Like when Mrs. Wizard reviews the interiors when the Car Wizard highlights a vehicle. Same vibe.

    2. @Vlad VulcanHe was in one video a couple weeks ago. One of the ones just discussing cars, not an actual review. The discussion are honestly just as entertaining.

  11. You FINALLY reviewed the most beautiful car(s) body styling there ever was!! Short of the 288 GTO, which is truly the #1.

  12. I have an ’85 308 and I love it. It’s one of, if not my favorite. It’s so much fun to drive and experience. It’s beautiful. It’s easy to maintain. People love seeing it. Now I want to go drive it…

  13. My guess as to the purpose of the gas flap is so you can rest the gas pump handle on the car without it scratching your paint, although it does seem to also provide some gas drip prevention as well.

  14. I owned a 328 for 10yrs and it was fantastic. I drove it all the time and it never let me down. I even got caught in the snow once and the car perfomed better than most. When driving regularly they are very reliable. If I get another one it would be a GTB, the GTS has too much cowl shake. Thanks for the video, it brought back fond memories.

  15. Heck yeah!!! Finally a 328!! Doug gets to test drive a 328 for a living now I’m officially jealous

  16. Very cool car and it was fun to see Doug do a team-up with this review but I am still anxiously waiting for him to someday review the 288 GTO. I know they are extremely rare and worth millions but I feel like he’ll have the opportunity one day. Next to the 355, I think the 288 GTO is the most beautiful of all Ferraris.

  17. This is one of my favorite Ferrari models! This car is the main reason I watched Magnum P.I. as a child. Speaking of which, it’s still mind boggling that Tom Selleck being 6’4″ managed to pretzel himself into these things.

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