The Ford Taurus SHO Was a Cool 1990s Sport Sedan


evaluation! Today I'm reviewing a 1990s , which was a cool performance sedan from my youth. I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the , and then I'll it and examine the experience.


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The Was a Cool 1990s Sport Sedan

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    1. @SixDegreesOfGaming Taurus SHO 1999 was also Shiki Wakana’s favourite car that she always used as a rival car in Luxury Sedan Cup. It has 396bhp in Race 2 but 516bhp in Race 3!

    2. @BW Taurus SHO as u dont know, also the base car from Mark Martin’s Taurus SHO NASCAR CUP SERIES stock car from 1998 in GT2 ORIGINAL VERSION.

  1. Would personally love it if Doug reviewed the latest Taurus SHO, the updated 2013 and on one. The thing is an absolute bargain when you look at the equipment and performance.

    1. @Abe Lincoln it had 9000 miles and I bought it new. My 2.7 was junk too. I just bought a bronco sport with the 2.0. We’ll see how that does.

  2. I honestly think that this is a really cool car, due to it’s design and it’s Yamaha V6. Now I see why Conan O’Brian had a Ford Taurus SHO for more than 15 years

  3. my first car was a police package 94 ford taurus, such a fun car. I remember driving it somewhere with my dad and the speedo only went to 85, but we wanted to see what would happen if we got it to that speed. We were going 75 and the engine was handling it easily, we floored it, speedo gauge stopped going up but we kept increasing in speed hit a guestimate 105 and had a good laugh about it

  4. I had this exact SHO. I bought it from CarMax in 1997. Even then you could see the different shades of the plastics in the vehicle. I loved that car. I felt like the car had way to much torque steer. Great times. Doug made the right call by doing this review. Thanks Doug.

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  5. I own a Taurus (Jellybean 97) here in Brazil and they are pretty rare in my country (only about 10,000 cars across generations) . Glad you finally reviewed this iconic car!

  6. As always Doug, your review is stellar please keep up the great work. My dad had a 1989 SHO, after totaling his 3.8 v6 1988 LX model. I absolutely loved that SHO they only came in manual and were pretty quick surprised a few mustangs back then. Thanks for the memories.

  7. What I love about watching Doug Demuro is that one day we are looking at the best Porsche that ever was (his dream car) and the next minute he’s geeking out on a Ford Taurus with the same enthusiasm

    1. On paper, the Taurus SHO kinda reminded me to Gran Turismo 2. Shiki Wakana drove this car as an opponent in Luxury Sedan Cup.

  8. This is definitely a car where one with a manual is sooo much more fun to drive. 4 speed autos just sap every bit of fun. I think the new transmissions with 8-10 gears make a lot of us forget how much 3 and 4 speed autos sucked on a “fun” car.

  9. I remember when I heard the 2010 Taurus SHO was gonna have 365 HP with a V6, I told my grandpa about it, and he was like, “There’s no way.” He couldn’t believe a V6 could make that much power, but his Suburban made like 180 HP with a V8, so it was a different time.
    If only he knew the stuff that was out today.

  10. That panel with SHO on it above the globe box was actually functional. Behind it is the temperature sensor for the automatic climate system. The cutout allowed cabin air to reach the sensor.

  11. I’d love to see a profile of an early 90’s Chevrolet Lumina Z34. As I recall, Chevy dug deep into the parts bin and cobbled together a home-grown 4 cam, 24-valve V6 called the “Twin Dual Cam” that they threw into a Lumina with a bunch of racy body cladding as an attempt at an SHO fighter. I wonder if any of those even exist anymore.

  12. Man, I had a 1990 SHO. Bough in 2000 in my Junior year and sold in 2004. Had many upgrades, high flow MAF, subframe reinforcements, SHO Shop chip, Cobra wheels for a Thunderbird, Koni Struts w/Intrax springs. I learned so much on how to wrench with this car. It was a beast. My screenname carries on forever thanks to that car.

    1. We’re like brothers from another mother. All of my cars are Toyota but all of them also have turbocharged Yamaha engines.
      1990 MR2 Turbo
      1993 Soarer GT-T
      1994 Celica Turbo

    2. I had a 93 Taurus Police package with the 3.8 Essex motor. It could just barely keep up with the SHO automatics but got smoked all the time by the manual cars. Both versions of our cars are hard to find now. The Essex motor cars are hard to find because that engine devoured head gaskets for breakfast and the SHOs are hard to find because parts are simply hard to find

    3. I remember Vadim at the SHOshop! I got the Eibach springs and sways, Koni struts, and shoshop tower braces. It drove so great in the canyons.

    4. Me too !!!!! Black one, Bought 2002 and scrapped in March 2005 because the engine gave up the ghost completely.

  13. When the Taurus first came out it looked like a space ship. I was blown away. It changed car design forever. No more boxy shapes and sharp corners that chewed up your wash sponge. Every car design today can be traced back to the original Taurus in the 80’s. The first time I saw one, I had the same look on my face as the those 2 boys who watched Cindy Crawford drink a Pepsi.

    1. Ford got it right on the Taurus. GM and the 90’s Caprice – not so much. the cop cars looked like Shamu the Orca

  14. Generic premium sound… better than generic regular sound! 😅 Oh Doug it’s these little things that keep me coming back! Good stuff!!!

  15. The SHO has sport suspension. The ride was very firm. My brother had one back in 96. A coworker used to buy them and put 300k on them and then buy another one and do it again. The motors were really tough.

  16. I was into motorcycles and boats, as well as cars, when I was younger. At 19, when I heard that Yamaha had collaborated on the motor I wanted an SHO badly. Sleeper and super cool. Thanks Doug!

  17. I had the V8 SHO. It sounded great but was slow as a dog. But I still loved it. Sold it to my brother and then his ex-girlfriend crashed it. Drive one of these with a manual 20+ years ago and it was fun for a FWD. The Ford Contour SVT was the real spiritual successor to the SHO, not the heavy and slow V8 I owned.

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  18. Interesting that the SHO got a full speedometer. I started driving in a ‘93 wagon with the 3.8, it had horrible understeer and ate its head gaskets before rusting away, it would do 85 mph on the highway and was still accelerating to unknown velocities.

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