The New Porsche 911 GT3 RS On The Road!

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I attend the Gathering Supercars event in Portugal with my 360. With over 150 cars involved, there are some special vehicles in attendance, but I focus my attention on a new 992 generation Porsche 911 GT3 RS … my first time following one of these cars and trucks on the road.

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The New Porsche 911 GT3 RS On The Road!

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  1. Great looking car and a great video. Love the content mate!

    Edit: I hope cars like this are driven, but preserved, so their glorious engines can live on!

  2. Sam out here with some of the best content , insane cinematography with some of the best cars in the world

  3. I hope the “electric future” has a hall honoring this car and other cars like it. This car deserves celebration.

  4. Hi Sam! I met you at that event in Cais de Gaia and I have got to say that you are the nicest guy ever! You even introduced yourself to my girlfriend and genuinely made conversation with us and talked about your experience in Morocco. You were already my favourite car youtuber but even more now. Hope to see you again in Portugal!

    1. I met Sam too at the Goodwood Revival in 2021- totally the most down to earth normal guy and had a little chat about a car we were stood near (An Alfa Romeo 8C 2900), he’s exactly the same person that he is in his videos and this is wonderful to see!

    2. I checked Sam in to a hotel for a Goodwood event in 2018, mentioned I was a fan and he was happy to stand and chat for a few mins. So happy to be a small part of his success over the years – it is well deserved and the content just gets better with every upload.

  5. This is my favorite rally video, maybe ever. Usually they are so frenetic and this was just perfect. Plus, Portugal is amazing

  6. Thank you Sam! You meant it when you said it, clocking up the miles around the globe in your 360, top man 👏

  7. Excellent video! I never get tired of your “rally” videos and your ability to show off the variety of cars without making it drag on.

  8. Hey Sam, glad you liked Porto, if you feel like really visiting the town, drive some cool cars, have fun and go on fantastic roads, hit me up! 💪💪

    1. Yes! He needs to have a go in the world renowned “Estrada de Testes” chasing Arlindo!

  9. Sam, your road trips are the best on any channel. Please keep them coming! Thanks from across the pond!

  10. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how much time and effort Sam puts into his videos. In my opinion they r some of the best and most professional videos from any automotive YouTuber. Plus I absolutely love his 360 an amazing car😁👏

  11. Great content Sam! That GT3 RS is truly insane. I actually had a close look at one yesterday round the back of my nearest OPC and my first thought was.. “I could hang an entire week’s washing off the back of that wing..” a bit random… I know.. LOL

  12. After Harry Metcalfe, Sam may just be the best British car you tuber today. Seriously high quality content over the last few months.

    1. Harry’s channel is fantastic but I think Sam’s is more imaginative and varied more of the time, less testing cars on the usual route.

  13. Your joy and enthusiasm brings me happiness. Thanks for being a gentleman Sam. Amazing video, the cinematography is gets top marks and you always choose classy music. Much love from the US.

  14. I love the car/travelvlogs Sam! The camerawork makes all your video’s such a pleasure to watch!!

  15. Sam your killing the game right now. This car meet was awesome. Your Videos are next level. All the beauty shots, the smoothness in the cinematography. I know youve driven thousands of miles during this series to bring us this epic content. 👏 Thank you Sam

    1. Let’s talk 💬💬💬👆👆👆👆..

  16. The music, the class, the elegance, the humor, the ambiance – everything is just so, so good Sam. One of the best, and so inspiring… and, the cars … it’s time to get behind the wheel, of the Diablo! Do it. More of this …

    1. Let’s talk 💬💬💬👆👆👆👆

    1. Let’s talk 💬💬💬👆👆👆👆

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