The Subaru Impreza 22B STi is an Impreza for Supercar Money


Now THIS is an awesome Impreza! Early WRX STI designs are great machines that boast rally DNA, an exceptional all-wheel system, and a powerful turbocharged flat-4 engine. This specific example is especially cool, as it is among only 400 22B STI designs constructed– and, like all early STI versions of the Impreza WRX, it was never ever available here in the States. It's completed in the best color for these automobiles, and it features some fantastic equipment like broadened bodywork, STI-branded fog light covers, and an STI-branded exhaust idea. It's likewise equipped with some nice upgrades consisting of Maxim Works headers, 18-inch Speedline wheels, a bolt-in roll cage, and a MOMO guiding wheel. On top of all that, this 22B STI is provided with low mileage and a U.S. title– and I'm thrilled to use it here on Cars & Quotes!


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00:00 THIS …
00:35 It Can Be Yours On CARS & BIDS!!!
01:13 An Even Greater, Higher, High Efficiency Variation
02:18 Engine & Performance
05:26 Flared Fenders
06:05 More 22B Changes
07:42 22B Badging
08:32 Interior Quirks & Features
09:17 Interior Adjustments
10:22 More Interior Quirks & Features
13:10 Interior Storage
13:43 A Lot More Interior Quirks & Characteristics
16:17 Rear Seating
16:40 Trunk
16:57 More Exterior Quirks & Characteristic

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The 22B STi is an Impreza for Supercar Money

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    1. Not Subie owners. It’s the bros who would pay $300k for a car from Gran Turismo. Subie owners are… I mean they have a whole section for pet upgrades, like kennels and seat protectors. People who take their dog to the park.

    1. ​@@Brian_Eugene_Lee Tesla isn’t giving it to real car reviewers, that thing is all about hype, hence why a guy who reviews cell phones reviewed a cybertruck before anyone like Doug or throttle house…

    1. I always make the joke, that if it doesn’t have gold wheels it’s not a ‘real Subaru’ 🤣🤣

  1. 22B – At the time, the title sponsor of Subaru was 555 cigarettes, and 22B translates to ‘555’ in hexadecimal.

    1. ​@@pinoypoolboynot really a “mod” though is it, with the 22b being focused on handling and lightness, things like a wiper motor seem pointless. Plus on the twisty roads you don’t need to look out the back window cos nothing will be there just dust bro

  2. Anyone notice…now that he’s “‘made it,” Doug doesn’t feel the need to climb into tiny back seats anymore for our entertainment? 😂

    1. Doug is the ‘gold standard’ of backseat head room lol. Btw he uses a chair in his basement reviews now, can you believe it, he actually sits! 😄

    1. Seriously, it’s one of 400 cars and the owner had to change the wheels, the wing (the wing is not much different, why change it? The stock one looked fine?) and the rear wiper is removed leaving a nub on the rear window… Just leave the damn wiper, it’s great to have.

    2. @@volvo09 you can see from the paint damage, various dents on the car etc. that this has actually been driven and not a garage queen. I bet those wheels and wing were changed due to damage, rather than by choice, as getting 1:1 replacements would be extremely expensive.

    3. I’ve had my 2012 STi since 2019. Previous owner added an exhaust and that’s it for the mod list haha. I’ve done nothing to it and I’m still enjoying it

    4. All Subarus benefit from mild mods for reliability at a minimum. Add an air oil separator, big oil pan w/ baffles, and an oil cooler at the very minimum. Being Pro-tuned for whatever local fuel it will be consuming is recommended for reliability as well.

  3. “It does have back seats, but only two of them – no center, middle back seat.” he says, while clearly showing the middle lap belt

  4. I noticed literally as he said only two back seats, there is a middle seat belt. Also the rear wipers came on alot of the JDM base market cars, but also the AU market too. My 01 I30T is the Infiniti Canadian version, so its missing the rear fog light, and rear wiper. As the Cefiro from Japan and the Maxima STR from Austrailia had. The EU also had different requirements on sedans/saloon cars. Love this car and the 90s JDM feel, fit and finish. It just worked, every time!

    1. Yup, the JDM cars got all the goods and if anything, any market other than US (and maybe Canada?) tended to be a little better. My JDM 2010 STI has self-leveling headlights, power mirrors, fog lights (front and rear), rear wiper (which is actually useful!) and probably other goodies too.

    1. I just imagine 2 old Japanese men with bad teeth laughing and giving a handshake when I hear “Gentleman’s Agreement”

    2. @@DigitalSubset I imagine all these serious Japanese executives standing around a circular table slightly smiling, nodding and shaking hands, as signed papers sit on the table.

  5. Doug is the type of guy to review all of the remaining 398 units of the 22B. First number 085/400 and now 061/400. He forgot to mention the second cup holder this time. And I’m not sure his format has changed at all since the last time. Guess he really wanted this car on his site.

    1. yeah usually when he does a car again it seems he really tries to highlight something different. But it’s only been 3 years since the last one so this is essentially him producing the same exact video twice which seems lazy

    2. Except for the ones that got totally wrecked…if you think about it, this car is even rarer.

  6. Very cool car. Every time Doug mentioned an aftermarket modification, I just pictured the car’s value slowly dropping compared to a completely stock 22B. Not that it matters much – the prior owner likely used the car in the time period, and the new owner should also do the same!

    1. I think it might matter though. This is an obviously limited trim, and wouldn’t be purchased to mess with and customize. It’s not like the original owner would have bought not knowing that. Something’s up with this car.

    2. ​@@NitsujWrenches i also notice the body lines dont look quite right especially the sides of the hood, like that’s way too much of a gap for me to just shrug off. something is definitely fishy about this one

  7. 25 years ago I regularly walked past one going to the bus stop for school in the suburbs of Melbourne. It was parked just around the corner from my house. We knew the owner. If I recall correctly my mum told me he ended up selling it because he kept getting speeding tickets. Blows my mind now that he parked it on the street.

  8. I had a chance to talk to one of the Subaru engineers at a show back when this car debuted. They said the 22B stood for 2.2 liter boxer in reference to the engine.

    Thankfully there are a number of quality kits to turn normal 2.5 RS models into 22B clones these days and they have figured out how to make the 2.5 live in the 400hp range so this is a pretty easy cars to replicate if you like that style which I do

    1. @@kawrx2002 555 was not Colin’s number. 555 was the tobacco brand that sponsored Subaru in rally

    2. ​@@kawrx2002Setsuna Yuki even still remembered her rallying idol, Colin McRae and of course, his famous 555. It also ever used as the 2nd livery for Ricardo Zonta in 1999 BAR 001 F1 CAR.

    3. I just commented the same thing about the 22B name referencing the engine configuration a few mins ago cos it was bugging me. Then I remembered I’m not a child and had to not be an A-hole.

      Did you ever see the “P1” prodrive cars?
      My best friend had one with 480hp and wow was this thing an animal.
      Beautiful cars too. Very special

  9. Some added quirks: (I hope Doug pins this comment, or Kennan mentions these if he ever reviews this car)
    1. Stock rear wing – aside from adjustable, the rear wing also sits on top of the third brake light which is housed in a separate trim piece. The regular V5-V6 STI had a similar design albeit the third brake light being slightly raised due to the lower part of the spoiler (which is attached to the trunk) being lower than the third brake light. The STI optional double deck wing had a similar third brake light situation to the 22B but it is a bit longer and is separated from the wing itself
    2. Carbon Fiber – CF strut bar was standard on 22B models. Regular STI had aluminum strut bars. Interior trim pieces are aftermarket.
    3. Red intake manifold – better porting and airflow compared to regular intake manifolds, straight out of the Type R/RA editions which was the competition ready models.
    4. Front bumper – 22B exclusive which was widened to pair with the fenders. Integrated grill, with a smal stalk holding the pink Subaru STI emblem. Although Subaru also offered a similar style bumperfor the regular narrowbody Impreza, it was a two-piece kit, with the grill being a separate piece.
    5. Taillights – UK-spec taillights with the amber turn signal lights. Japan-spec models had clear turn signal lights similar to the front turj signal lights.
    6. Auxilliary gauges – those are actually a factory option offered by Subaru, made by Lamco. They have a dedicated pod cluster that was supposed to be housed in the top central storage compartment.
    7. Seats – 22B-specific. The black line across the STI logo is only available in the 22B. The next generation STi also had this seat, but without the black line across the STI logo.
    8. Hood – scoop is standard, but vents are 22B-specific. Vents are enlarged, slightly raised, and are placed horizontally, regular Impreza (V3-V6) models had vertical vents with smaller openings. Even older models (V1, V2) had even tinier openings.
    9. Exclusivity and rareness – Subaru produced about 400 22Bs for the Japanese market, and about 20 more for export (UK, Australia), excluding some prototypes that were given to members of the WRC team (McRae, Grist, and Prodrive). Total number produced was about 425~ units.
    10. Another ultimate Subaru GC8 – Subaru also produced an even rarer first generation Impreza- dubbed the S201, a four door sedan with a wild body kit, and even more power than the 22B at 300hp, and even wilder suspension upgrades. Produced with less than 100 units, this car is even more rare and cheaper than the 22B. (Hope they review this car in the future)

    1. Thank you for this. You could also option a factory roll cage for a few years of the gc’s. So that possible could be factory but doubt it as it was very rare. He always misses out on a lot of things or just doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to Subarus lol

    2. Regular STIs also came with the carbon strut brace. Not just the 22B. And I’m pretty sure for any 92-00 Impreza, the STI and type R/RA/22B/S201 all had the same manifold within reason. I don’t think the manifolds were polished and ported, and were essentially standard manifolds painted red. Some earlier type R/RA had a 5th injector next to the TB

    3. @@u-an6821Aluminum was standard. Carbon Fiber was an option. R/RA manifolds had a larger diameter, to pair with the R/RA heads (I believe they were ported and polished)

  10. The 22B stands for 2.2 Boxer.
    Wudda thought that was pretty obvious but then I was remembering the way some people refer to the engine configuration as a “Flat 4” rather than a “Boxer”.

    What a car man…. I was lucky enough that 4 of my friends all had WRX’s and STi’s at the same time and I’ll never forget the 1st time sitting in the passenger seat when boost hit! 😂
    My mate also had an Impreza P1, and that imo is almost as special as the 22B. The power and sound of this thing was unbelievable.

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