World’s Most Dangerous Roads

We take a look at a few of the most dangerous roads in the world and discuss why. These places look so frightening! Are there any you would have put in here that you have travelled on yourself?

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World's Most Dangerous Roads

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  1. Thank you Supercar blondie for improving our general information.
    You are always the best

  2. Lets all admit how fantastic the legend Supercar Blondie is. She shows us how Women are allowed to do anything and that they shouldn’t be treated any different to Men. We love you Blondie also I’m a huge F1 fan Mick Schumacher’s biggest fan and live in Perth, Australia can you do a F1 race weekend vlog please

    1. What do you mean it shows that women can do anything it’s not like there was a law stopping women from liking cars. It’s just that most women don’t like cars

    2. @Sean what im tryna say is that some women are brought down from inter-generation trauma on how they were treated so some women dont have hope or belief and Supercar Blondie is one of the women that shows us the power of Women if you watched Dhar Mann ft Supercar Blondie you would see what the video is based off so watch that first then come back to this comment

    3. All drama aside, I would love to see a video featuring F1. I am a huge Max Verstappen fan, but I also know that all the drivers are very talented. 🏎

  3. leh-manali highways now has a 9.02 km tunnel which by-passes the rohtang pass
    but the zojila pass is still very dangerous due to the on going construction to build another tunnel for safe travel from Srinagar to Leh
    and yes I have been to both of them in one trip on Bike ✌️
    and its amazing 😍😍

    1. @Amogh Verma its been in contractions since 8yrs
      Ruling government was not the one who decided to build it
      It is build by a private company
      Do some research bro ❤️

    2. @Ammar Ahmad ha bhai private companies ko to tum dete hoge paise , abe government hi sanction ki hogi na

  4. Напишу на русском.
    Я очень часто смотрю твои видео.
    Хочу рассказать на счёт Колыма, опытные водители говорят “лучше пять раз съездить в Колыму, чем один раз в Бодайбо”
    Бодайбо: небольшой город, где добывают золото. Около 12 тысяч населения.
    Груз возим из Иркутска, и идём на север 1400 километров (~850 миль) проезжая самые опасные горы “Дабан” “Телемама” (Daban Telemama) дорога занимает 7 дней.
    В сентябре, октябре уже снег.
    По пути мы проезжаем горячие источники, озеро Байкал, красивые горы, реки. И каждый раз когда мы туда едем, говорим сами себе что это последний раз. Но приезжаем домой, и снова хотим туда. 🤤 Бодайбо

  5. I didn’t went to any of this roads because I live in Bangladesh but I kinda wanted to more about it and kind of explore them (yeah I know it is risky but it s still a fun to go on adventures)

  6. SCB, you are quite good at narration. You should do it as a side gig I think.
    I came close to death on a mountain road in rural China near Vietnam. Long story. Nice vid

  7. Now I wanna see some of the best, newest, off road vehicles, Jeep, Rang/Land Rover, that new Hummer, the Atlas be put to the ultimate test by trying to traverse all these roads.

    I picked these cars because the Range Rover (the one that May drove) won a race on a mountain against a off road self driving military vehicle on regular non off road wheels. The Jeep can climb almost vertically. The new Hummer can crab walk, and the Atlas can travel on water. This would be more epic than Endgame fr.

    1. Nothing beats a well built late 90s Landcruiser.

      I’ve had alot of trucks.

      H1 hummers, Jeeps, Rovers (land and range) and many others.

      My 97 Landcruiser triple lock that has been well built has been by fat the most reliable and best all around truck I’ve had.

      Ive driven that truck from Alaska to Chile and it was a beast and never let me down.

  8. Wow 😮. This lovely channel never ceases to amaze me. Sincerely tell me, who expected this factual video 📷
    Keep it up 👍

  9. Superb 🔥🔥🔥
    Your’s video is always soo amazed to me.
    And thanks allot to “SUPERCAR BLONDIE” for giving informative’s information about the world. 😇

  10. Hi blondie, I wanna tell u that their is a mistake in ur video at the LEH Manali highway. In the map LEH should be at top and MANALI at bottom🙂. By the way love your videos and u r doing a great job, watching your videos from (LEH LADAKH India).

  11. Hello Supercar Blondie, or Alex, I think you should drive on these roads, with a G-wagon/Wrangler type of car and make videos about it, I’m sure they would get a lot of views!

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