2024 Chevy Blazer EV Full Review: Electric Muscle SUV


This is the Chevy Blazer EV, an electric muscle SUV. Today I'm reviewing this Chevy Sports jacket EV, and I'll show you all the lots of peculiarities and features. I'm also going to get behind the wheel of the Chevy Sports jacket EV and reveal you what it resembles to .


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:16 THIS …
00:54 Overview
01:19 Confusing Trim Levels
04:20 Outside Quirks & Characteristic
06:47 Sizing & Dimensions
07:25 Rear Seating
08:44 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
09:05 Infotainment Screen
11:59 Physical Buttons
12:44 Driver Assist Features
13:38 Gauge Cluster Screen
14:25 More Interior Quirks & Characteristics
16:51 General Interior Quality
17:21 Front Hood
17:57 Cargo Area
19:32 Driving Experience
23:47 Final Thoughts
24:12 DougScore

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2024 Chevy Blazer EV Full Review: Electric Muscle SUV

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    1. Well he doesn’t do a lot of haircuts that’s for sure….
      Nor shave.
      Or change out his wardrobe 😅!

    1. In GM’s defence, they have said a cheaper version is coming. Which means the base MSRP will be less than $56k when that entry level trim comes. I’d expect that base model to start in the high 40’s though.

    1. ​@@UliDaNihilistYeah, I’ll stick with my maverick hybrid. 14 months into ownership, not a single issue. On a proven hybrid system that’s been around forever, getting 50 mpg in a truck that was 28k new with taxes and options, has an 8 yr warranty, and is worth more now than what I paid new.

      All of this to say there are much better, yet cheaper cars out there. IDK why anyone would buy something like this over a good hybrid or something.

    2. @@themidnighttavern6784 agreed! I’m a Toyota guy myself and I’ll take a good Toyota hybrid over any EV out there.

    3. @@UliDaNihilist Not a bad choice, Ford and Toyota hybrids are basically identical from a driving experience and reliability standpoint. I believe the two companies actually partnered together when making them. You really can’t go wrong with either option.

    4. @@themidnighttavern6784 it’s that kind of thinking is to why ev sales have fallen off a cliff and major automakers have cut some programs entirely

    1. but wait theres more. Its using the already outdated charging port standard so theres no reason to buy one at all until GM switches over.

    1. US median full-time wage is currently $58,000. So all you need to do is spend less than $2,000 on everything else and you can afford one by Christmas next year!

    2. Who in their right mind is paying 60k for a Chevy when there’s Tesla for around 42-45k? And combine that with the poor charging ecosystem, and not supporting NACS port yet.

    3. ​@@drunkenhobo8020median doesnt mean average. Less and less people are making that kind of money these days

    4. Whats even crazier is that the Cadillac lyric is basically the same price! What are we even paying for? Isnt the slogan Ev’s for Everyone?

  1. Nice overview of everything the car does have but no mention of some of the important bits it is missing with the exception of super cruise. There is no apple CarPlay or Android Auto which is deal breaker for many people, the price is actually substantially higher than the competitors mentioned, no glass roof (which some people don’t mind but others do) and a much higher curb weight comparing to competitors which might actually explain the 6 lug nut wheels. Besides the looks this car has no other benefit over the competition. Not to mention the already reported huge software issues

    1. I guess it all depends where he gets his cars from. If he has certain dealers he works with, then I doubt he will point out the big negatives. By doing it this way, he gets all the new cars for views and the dealers gets an unofficial advertisement. Just like his Cars and Bids reviews. He will point out the very minor negative things. But at the end of the day, he still needs to sell the car.

    2. I’ve watched Doug’s videos since the very early days and he was always fairly objective and would always at least mention drawbacks like that, this is why I was expecting he would at least mention those issues. Doug never covers very technical aspects of the cars (especially EV’s) but he always had a nice overview and the very quirky bits done very well and this one just left me underwhelmed @@SkippyPB.

    3. @@Cincy32 From what I’ve heard, yes. Apple Carplay/Android Auto is more flexible than whatever GM could come up with and is not subject to subscription fees.

  2. I actually had a reservation for a Blazer but decided to cancel it.
    1. Like Doug mentioned, supercruise isn’t available yet.
    2. They increased the price quite a bit from where it was initially announced at
    3. With GM switching to the Tesla port I’d rather just wait to get that updated version. I know there are adapters, but I’m not in a hurry to buy a car

    1. ​@@2nd-placenot to mention they ditched those, claimed it was for safety, and then recalled all sales because the vehicles were unsafe due to software

  3. It’s crazy that the charging port door would be motorized. Especially given GM’s track record for reliability.

    1. i mean there just begging for failures at this point. and with the battle for right to repair losing ground it’s now a money making scheme for dealers

    2. Even worse, no start/stop button. I just hope they didn’t bury the headlight controls in the infotainment screen like they did in the Colorado.

    3. That was my exact thought — how long until that charge-door breaks (and in the CLOSED position, no doubt!) and then you can’t charge your Blazer. I wonder if there’s a manual way to open it somehow, just in case the battery is dead?

  4. I like the attention to detail that if the charging door doesn’t close you can’t turn your wheels, as it will hit the door. Go Chevy!

    1. Also, given it’s position when open it will be easily damaged by heavy EV charging cables. It would have been easy to flip the hinge 180° so it opens upward, thus getting it out of the way of the cord and even providing some extra rain protection from above. That’s just lazy engineering, AKA Chevy engineering.

  5. Chevrolet: “We’re discontinuing the Bolt to make room for other EVs in our lineup that’ll replace it!”
    Also Chevrolet: $56K base model here VS the $28K Bolt EUV or $26K Bolt EV

    Gee, thanks GM.

    1. They’ve said they’re gonna redo the Bolt (EUV only iirc) with an LFP version of Ultium, in 2025 as I recall.

    2. @@awmustang They’ll have to come up with a way to put the three lines in the B instead…or just rename it to the Belt.

  6. I saw that GM has told Chevy dealers to stop selling them IMMEDIATELY. I don’t remember seeing that happen to any car in my life. Truly an interesting feature.

    1. Yep, stop sale order due to numerous software glitches in the infotainment and dashboard display systems. GM *CLAIMS* there are not charging or battery management glitches so current owners won’t be left totally unable to use them.

    2. GM issues stop sales on different models for various reasons all the time. It’s basically a recall that they catch before it sells, and you know they recall everything nowadays.

    3. Y’all are always so desperate in trying to make *gm* out to be complete and utter trash. It’s hilarious. These vehicles feature brand new and very advanced technology, of course they may have bugs in the first few weeks they roll out. When the Japanese and Koreans have the same issues y’all don’t have anything to say. The only difference is those manufacturers would never demand the halt of all sales, they’d just keep selling them to the American public until the NHSTA *forced* a recall after completion of an investigation. Oop! That sounds like another Blazer EV competitor I know of (cough cough TESLA) 🤡

  7. Doug talking about how he thinks the Blazer EV will be a hit, before then showing it at the bottom of the relevant Doug Score list 10 seconds later perfectly captures the general process of excitement for new GM products vs. actually getting them.

  8. Doug is the type of guy to release a video of a car on the same day the manufacturer announced a stop sale on the car

    1. To be clear for anyone who isn’t aware, they didn’t discontinue it, just suspended sales to ix some issues. It will be on sale again soon.

    2. @@shashankdegloorkar literally the definition of a stop sale… Chevrolet has told dealers to “stop” the “sale” of the vehicle

  9. This is the most phoned-in car I’ve ever seen on this channel, and that’s usually the case with GM these days. But this takes the cake

    1. Absolutely delusional. This is better than the Ford Mach-E, Tesla Model Y, and the Acura ZDX which it shares its platform. You literally can’t explain how this is phoned-in. Removing apple CarPlay and investing in your own infotainment experience is phoning it in? How do you ppl and your asinine comments even get upvotes? 😂

    2. The Mach-E is even more phoned in. They rushed it and didn’t know what they were building. That said, both are hopelessly behind Tesla and you’d be nuts to buy one. They’ll be interesting historical footnotes however.

    3. ​@taylorc2542 all eletric vechiles except tesla are now using a outdated charging standard and not N.A.C.S. So there def no reason to buy any of them

  10. 1:39 – Doug, with a straight face, notes that the starting price point of $56,700 is “pretty reasonable”. No. No Doug. $56,700 is decidedly unreasonable. When GM’s sales don’t match projections, they will blame all else except for that laughably high price point.

    1. 10000%

      Even at this price point, I believe they’re also going to sell these at a loss, especially if they are only going to produce a couple thousand, maybe 10s of thousands of these per year. People want affordable EVs not expensive. Brands are losing the mark on that, if EVs were affordable many of these companies could profit once they reach economies of scale, but that likely won’t happen with many, including the Blazer EV

    2. Came here to say this. Ford and Toyota have already decided to scale back on full-EV production and will focus on hybrids. The rest will follow. While the EV and EV range technology has improved, the price for the lithium batteries is way too high. In this case, Chevy is selling a $34k car with a $22,700 battery pack.

    3. They’re garbage in ten years. Battery replacement makes you buy a new one instead. So why buy one when it’s a countdown to it being a paperweight? Meanwhile ICE cars will retain their value in the long run. I see 90s cars in great shape going for as much or more today than they were new.

  11. While I love these reviews, I start wondering what kind of things you can do through the app. As an EV driver myself, the app is a significant part of the experience!

  12. I’m always disappointed when manufacturers decide not to include a front trunk. I WOULD USE IT and it’s definitely a detractor for me

  13. Doug is that guy that will rate a vehicle, using his own rating system, and then be not at all be surprised at the rating 🙂

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