BMW i7 is a Cinema on Wheels

We flew to Germany to take a look at the new ! Packed with some ridiculous features the is one of the most elegant cars and trucks we've ever seen. The defines high-end with a 31-inch theatre screen which is controlled by a remote in what calls the master chair in the back of the cars and truck. provides us a more detailed take a look at the BMW i7 and shows us why it is among the coolest cars on the planet.


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BMW i7 is a Cinema on Wheels

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  1. LOVE the styling on this beauty! Ultra posh inside and out, amazing tech, beastly BMW power. They really know how to combine design and performance like no one else!🖤🖤🖤😊

    1. BMW has just always been way ahead of their competition. I remember back in the day when the first 7 series was the first ever car without a manual handbrake and host of other features that were a first. Fast forward to today we see them being the first with reversing assistant in the 3 series, first with a literal TV in the car etc.

  2. I’ll wait 10-12 years for when it’s $6400 car with a dash full of warnings and codes. If you look at some of the most expensive 7 series BMW from the late 90s early 2000s, these cars depreciated like nothing else. You can buy a California 2001 750il for $3800 in a “running” condition as I have. That car was 100k new!

  3. Why are automatic doors like this always so slow to open? It’s supposed to be fancy, luxury whatever, but it leaves you waiting for something that’s much quicker if you do it manually.

  4. Greetings from Scotland! Once you have had a 7 series, you won’t ever want anything else, believe me! Over the last 25 years I’ve had a few and I currently own one! I simply haven’t found a better vehicle.

    1. Not anymore. i7 is not bespoke, it’s based on a heavy ice platform therefore transmission tunnel at the back. It’s not as aero, not as fast as an EQS, Nio ET7 model s. BMW has some way to catch up to industry leaders

    2. @ciyber sal That’s your opinion and you are welcome to it. I’m a fully registered 5 year time served technician and I know better, technically speaking of course. How many 7 series have you actually owned for an extended period? I’m talking 25 years plus of seriously long extended (months) of actual driving road tests over hundreds of thousands of miles. Never had one breakdown or fault (other than a bulb replacement once). Show me a limo that has that sort of reliability and durability in the same price bracket?

    3. @Peter Howells

      Doesn’t matter what you are. And what I said is not my opinion but facts. i7 is based on petrol based 7 which is not a bespoke EV platform. Search it.
      Bespoke EV platforms are lighter and made tailored to EVs. Rivals such as EQS ET7 and Model S are all bespoke
      Also the fastest variant of i7 is slower than faster variants of all above rivals. Search it yourself.

    4. @ciyber sal How does this make them a better all round vehicle? Come back in 10 to 20 years and we’ll see which brand is still going……..

  5. You should review the XM that’s chillin in the background next video lol. That 7 series is next level. As a BMW fan, I’ve always had to admit that Mercedes has better interior but for once I actually think the tables have turned, not only is BMW living up to their performance standards, but they’ve risen the luxury standard as well. Wow

  6. Swarovski crystals!!, Wow that’s a magnificent beast, That elegant BMW finesse, superb technology combined with incredible interior finish, Take my card ♠️

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    5. I’ll have to be financially stable in every sense before purchasing my first supercar. The best thing to do with your money is to invest rightly because money left saving will end up with no returns.

  7. Why should I watch so-called cinema-like movies in a car, when I can watch them at home on a much larger screen? Nobody knows … 🤔

  8. The exterior is still not everyone’s taste. I think it works best in this matte black. That said, BMW knocked this interior out of the park. I recently sat in thr back and drivers seat of the New Maybach and was wowed by that interior. I think this new 7 rivals that, if not beat it.

  9. Try reviewing the car after 8 years of solid driving… curious to know what still works etc.

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