FOUND: 1-Owner Survivor 1972 SS Chevrolet Chevelle!

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Welcome to Episode 262!!



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FOUND: 1-Owner Survivor 1972 SS Chevrolet Chevelle!

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  1. Hey guys i hope you’re having fun making these videos that we all enjoy. Your hard work is appreciated and loved thank you!

  2. Wow! Unbelievable!
    That’s a keeper! There is probably nothing wrong with the radio. Probably the speaker.

  3. Hey there Dennis and crew,I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this wonderful Chevy. 😅

  4. What a Car, must have been hard to part with, thanks Collins and crew, love you channel.

  5. I’m a Mopar guy but holy cow!!! I’m just blown away at the condition of this SS. Simply stunning!!

    1. I can’t work out what the guy had that for so long but didn’t use …? Was an investment ..?
      I wonder if the wife’s the same 😜….

  6. Beautiful car and so well preserved. It’s incomprehensible to me how someone could buy such a nice car and resist enjoying it.

    1. I never understood that either. I tried to do it with a mustang I bought then seen all my friends having fun and said screw it. I buy them to drive them now.

    2. Sometimes just opening the garage door and looking at it and saying to yourself its mine brings will bring a smile to a guy’s face. But on sunny days, you’d sure want to drive if it were me.

  7. With all the care and love the original owner put into that car from brand-new, I bet he shed a tear when it left.

    1. @Wildcard972
      I’m sure he got over it.
      I regretted only one car that I was sorry that I sold.
      I got choked up a little but your right, the check made me feel better.
      I didn’t keep it as long as him.

  8. Wow, just wow… Talk about rare find. A man who truly loved his car and took above and beyond care of it. Congrats on the find.

  9. Ok, I also graduated in 1972 and this was my dream car, but as a field hand, I could never afford one then. This was always one of my dream cars. You’re a very lucky man and I like many of your viewers live vicariously through your channel. Thank you for sharing this car with us.

  10. The SS on that Chevelle now stands for Super Sweet! I remember my cousin had a ’72 Chevelle “HEAVY CHEVY” . Also, my father was a tool and die maker back then, and he’s the one that made the dies for those control knobs in those cars.

  11. The Car is in stunning condition for a car that old. The Professor has such care for it. Loved the episode!

  12. Dennis, probably the nicest car I’ve seen you purchase hands down , so …Congratulations… Even though you do get some Epic buys … Let me also say I’m enjoying the show a lot more as it seems Shawn is a bit more in tune and respectful towards his role in your Organization. Lots more enjoyable to watch .. thank you ..

  13. that man was brought up totally the way you should raise your son make him graduate make him buy his own car and look what that did for that young boy he respected that car and his parents so much that he kept that dream 51 years without a mark on it i would love to thank that gentleman for his unwavering love and respect for the car and his Mom n Dad you rock sir Dennis you kill me finding all of this pristine metal im jealous

  14. In 1984 The Chevelle i had was the same color. Mojave gold , no stripes with Mojave gold interior. 454, M22. Mine had the original engine but the guy I purchased it from had installed a solid lifter cam , Aluminum Intake, Holley 750 carb and headers. He also installed a scattershield with a Street strip clutch and 410 gears. The great memories this episode is bringing back. I cannot believe how original that car is. I am blown away!

  15. What a great car. In 1971 my friends sisters boyfriend had a red & black 1970 SS Chevelle that was the first time I’d ever experienced a Burn Out in, getting pinned into the back seat, smoke enveloping the whole car… It was magical!

  16. I graduated in 72 and my buddy owned a 72 Chevelle SS so this really brings back some fond memories. Thanks for sharing with us Dennis.

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