Two-Car Solution… with a TWIST! Ariel Atom 4R & Civic Type R | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

Visit us at.– An Ariel Atom 4R and …? The fantasy garage video game is a good one. Specifically when you start putting in some rules. The most basic constraint is to limit the number of vehicles that you can pick, however after that you can begin getting creative. In today's episode of The Driver's Seat on , contemplates a two automobile garage where the cars must share an engine …

There are all sorts of possible engine alternatives from Mercedes and BMW and Ferrari and Jaguar Land Rover, however the one that Catchpole has actually selected is from Honda. The 2-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged K20C isn't the most exciting engine when set against some of the other alternatives like a naturally aspirated Ferrari V12 or a twin-turbo V8 from AMG, however it is attached to two very various but dazzling motorists' vehicles.

The apparent one is the Honda Civic Type R FL5. Now a little more demure in the looks department but no less fun or tactile to drive. The other half of the garage is taken up with the wild new Ariel Atom 4R. The R takes the engine's outputs up to 400bhp and 369lb feet of torque. It also includes a Quaife consecutive gearbox with paddle shift and, if you desire, a fair bit of aero.

What hasn't altered, however, is the essentially fantastic chassis of the standard Atom 4, which makes it definitely brilliant to drive – even when you're on a soaking wet Anglesey circuit. This R also uses a 7 phase traction control system and a twelve phase Bosch ABS system as alternatives to assist you out, while you can up the ante a lot more by including carbon wheels and carbon ceramic brakes.

A really varied duo then, however with an engine in typical and pleasure at their respective cores. Rather the two car garage. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as Henry plainly delighted in getting soaking damp and cold (he's an oddball, we didn't make him do that). If you would like to support the show then please consider clinking on this link to the – it would be much appreciated:

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Two-Car Solution… with a TWIST! Ariel Atom 4R & Civic Type R | – The Driver's Seat

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  1. Something about no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing… Anyway, I’ve just about dried out now. Hope you all enjoy the film. Happy New Year!

    1. Driving Atoms are very refreshing… my face is always thoroughly exfoliated after each outing! In the rain, the water hitting your face actually hurts, haha

    2. I love the “two cars, one engine” question. Out of curiosity, if the restriction was the 4G63 engine, which two cars would you pick?

    3. @@WilliamDye-willdye Interesting one… probably an Evo IX MR FQ-360 and then perhaps an L200 for the biggest contrast (and slinging a MTB or two in the back of).

    4. What about the rover v8 that was in every car for 30 years surely there’s got to be a good selection of cars to choose from with that motor
      ??.. Great video as always Henry and team

  2. Your video uploads are consistently awesome! Your effort and dedication deserve mad respect. Keep it up!

  3. This is, without exaggeration, my favorite Ariel Atom video since old Top Gear. And that’s a high bar to reach, because the old Atom video was the YouTube clip which convinced me to watch the full series.

    A brilliant video, about a brilliant hypothetical question. Very well done.

    1. I was going to go for the practicality of a Lexus rx350 and a lotus Evora.
      But if I’m in the land of make believe, I may as well imagine I can pay for a chauffeur who has a more practical 3rd option.

  4. Having driven both, I completely agree. There might not exist a better duo if you need a blend of thrills and practicality. Just swap out the FL5’s adaptive damper module with the one in the DE5 for far better compliance on the street.

    1. Personally I’d pick the FK8 instead of the FL5 (or maybe even a Megane RS Trophy Mk3). The latter is surprisingly cheap to buy, around 20k or a bit more for low mileage.

    2. Hey Zygrene, does it make that much of a difference? I love my FL5, but I haven’t really had any gripes with the suspension aside from +R being a bit bouncy on some roads. Wouldn’t the Acura one make it worse?

    3. seems a bit repetitive to have the same engine everywhere.
      FL5 is the perfect one car garage. However for comfort and road trips, it is still a civic with a manual, sitting in traffic and going over potholes, and the noise level on the highway is not enjoyable.

    4. @@nitrostackr what I felt from driving the FL5 and DE5 on the same bumpy canyon road is that the FL5’s suspension, in Comfort mode, will still adjust damping on the fly to be more aggressive when you start driving hard. It becomes way too bouncy and over-damped even compared to the DE5 in Sport+. DE5 seems to keep damping consistent within the mode you select.

    5. @@Zygrene got it, that makes sense. It’s more passive and not just softer, so it stays more consistent across more situations. Do I have that right?

  5. Thank you for another fun video! Personally I’d pick two cars with the Toyota 2GR-FE V6 engine. A Toyota Highlander – and a Lotus Emira.

  6. I woud take the IS350 with the 2GR and the Lotus Emira with the same 2GR. Or heck, plenty of toyota/lotus history to play with there.

    1. Ah good call – it’d be a manual Tacoma for trails/daily/work and the Emira for track and weekend for me!

  7. My answer to that Two-Car Garage but same engine question would be the Cupra Formentor VZ5 (or Audi RS3/RSQ3, considering they’re pretty much the same cars) and the KTM X-Bow GT-XR. I do simply adore 5 cylinders!

  8. Great video with a twist. Could you please do a video whereby you get a basic car like a i20N then double the price to an FL5 then something for circa £100k and tell us where is the sweet spot? A cost of living special video if you like 😜

  9. Two car garage with this engine would have to be the DE5 Integra and this Ariel Atom 4R. If I could choose any powertrain it would probably be the Cadillac Escalade V and the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing. But back to reality, I am happy with my FK8 Type R and my old trusty 2006 Honda Ridgeline

  10. great video, great combo! back in the day a MGB GT V8 and the Range Rover V8 would’ve been a nice combo

  11. My answer is the GR Yaris and Lotus Elise – both Toyota engined of course even if the much smaller Elise has the bigger capacity in Supercharged form while the GR is practical when you think of it as a 2 seater with a big boot!

  12. Great video Henry! What a great track Anglesey, I was out there last August and watching this video I got the goosebumps again 🤩 shame it’s 850km from home in Belgium

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