Unboxing the $4 Million McLaren Solus GT

This is the ultra-rare from created particularly for the track. Only 25 of these single seater hypercars are going to be made and will cost each owner a massive $4 million.

It has over 830bhp and was the fastest automobile at the 2023 Goodwood Celebration Of Speed Hill Run.

Alex and Sergi were fortunate adequate to unbox this lovely monster at a secret warehouse prior to the very first customer delivery.

Let us know which circuit you 'd enjoy to drive this car at in the comments!

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Unboxing the $4 Million

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    1. I love McLaren’s volcano-colors!! 🧡🔥🧡🔥🧡Shame the owner didn’t have that insanely gorgeous beast dropped off at the Thermal Club.😢

    1. Dont you mean 20 million Vietnam currencies how do you pay an extra 16 million dollars for a 4 million dollar car?…

    2. @Duncan Cool it’s tax. in Vietnam if you want to drive a car with massive racing engine you have to pay tax, and then import tax, special tax, meeny manna…

  1. Comes in a box …. The $4,000,000.00 Matchbox to play with and drive. The color is Uniquely beautiful without a doubt. Wonder if the 25 owners will ever get together.

    1. @Craig Morgan .. People that buy this car have a common interest and more than enough money. What would stop them from meeting somewhere? Preferably where the public is omitted. At a track as example. I could see Alex hosting it. She would surely even take Sergi along.

  2. Qué auto 🏎️ tan hermoso ,el precio 💸🤑 y dónde correrlo me desaniman 😢. Saludos desde México 🇲🇽 😎💬. 🆒❤️

  3. Saw Manny’s video with him getting test fitted for this. I can’t wait to see the first video of this on the track. Looks out of this world!

  4. Que lindo Unboxing Adorei a cor !
    Tem que entrar com o pé direito para dar sorte! 🔥🤞🏻
    Jokempô !!!

    1. Have y’all considered talking to a finance advisor? They might help you figure out a plan to make it happen🤷🏾‍♂️

    2. I recently worked with LUCY ROSE CARTER. She’s fantastic with helping gearheads like us. Che her info ONLINE, she is top result

  5. It’s wonderful car, wonderful engine , beautiful sound – real music 🤩,
    I would love to have a chance to drive that bijou at Circuit of Monaco, I hope I have that chance ❤

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