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    1. When you put it like that it’s funny like she says. When you try “to make it look realistic” at least to untrained eyes, that’s when it’s a problem.

    1. @TakeNoShift Porsche has the same problems as every other German brand. It’s just nobody talks about it.

  1. Upbadging is a lose/lose. Car people will know and judge you harshly and non car people won’t know or care, so “qui bono”?

  2. When Mercedes owners put AMG on the back of their car and it’s on the wrong side of the trunk or hatch

    1. half the time it’s crooked and uncentered too, and they leave the original badge so it says “CLA 250 AMG”

    1. @Lucas_Cardilli  Dealer mark up meeting the demand price to sell many units makes sense, but dealer mark up to make a few big profits doesn’t. One is just the going rate and therefore really should be the MSRP and the other kills the car after a few models years.

    2. There’s no supporting argument. You’re entitled to your opinion but your opinion can straight up be wrong

    1. I mean look. Unironical upbadging when you want to sell your bone stock C300 as an AMG is stupid.

      But funni upbadging is funny

  3. I agree to an extent. Like Ferrari badges on an MR2 I can get behind, but M3 badges on a 328 I hate.

    1. I see a lot of M3 badges on 320d. The only funny part is when they accelerate and the car doesn’t go.

    2. One is an obvious joke which no one will take seriously. Just like saying that you want 1 million dollars in cash during job interview. The other is done because of some hidden mental disorder.

    3. A few days ago I saw an alpina badge on am old 318d (in different font). It was pretty hilarious ngl

  4. Up badging is fine…. until you get gapped by a Kia and have to live the rest of your life being bullied for it. 🙃

    1. Depends on the up-badging. If you’re badging a Honda Civic as a Ferrari, then it’s funny. If you’re badging a Honda Civic as a CTR, then it’s stupid

    2. ​@MrSoiSaucei saw an older chevy impala with nissan gtr badges 😂 i guess cause the tal lights sort of resemble the r34

  5. Upbadging is fine if you’re doing something completely absurd like putting a Ferrari badge on your GMC SUV. Someone in my neighborhood actually does that. That’s funny. But upbadging a BMW 3 series to an M3? That’s embarrassing

  6. It depends, if it’s a badge off a higher trim of the actual car it’s unacceptable. However I had a friend who put 4 Quattro badges, a Toyota badge, an AMG badge, and a 5.0 badge off a mustang on his Volvo, that was pretty funny. His dad owned a body shop so he basically salvaged any badge that had to be replaced out of the scrap bin.

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