Museum NOT open to the public: MASSIVE Stash of Cars & Trucks in Old Dealership | Barn Find Hunter

Episode: 146 – Tom has been trying for 5 years to access to an old dealer in Northern Maine that houses an enormous collection of cars and trucks and trucks. Through some investigative work, Tom was lastly able to contact the owner, Todd, who gives us a VIP trip of his life time collection of uncommon metal.

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UNIQUE THANKS to Lenn Soderlund who created the brand-new Barn Find Hunter logo you see featured in this episode. Like you, Lenn is a devoted Barn Find Hunter fan who took it upon himself to design a logo and send it to us. We loved it so much we made it the new face of the series.
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0:00 Intro.
0:38 Pratt & Whitney .
1:45 1909 Delivery Van.
4:37 Will it Run?
5:50 Save $$ for your next barn discover.
6:26 Selden "First Automobile Patent".
7:10 1949 Willys Wagon.
8:27 Automobile CREW taxi truck.
9:46 Found on Island.
10:17 Love Bug.
10:30 1973 LS1 Corvette.
11:08 Ford .
11:59 Dodge Opposition R/T.
12:10 1964 .
13:31 More Cars and trucks.
13:55 1939 Dodge Super Deluxe.
14:43 1965 International Scouts.
15:16 12,000 mile 1963 Ford .
15:33 Late Model Jeepsters.
16:00 1950 Jeepster (Sold as 1951).
17:17 Ford F800 (CAT Engine).
18:05 Start up!
18:29 Outro.

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Museum NOT open to the public: MASSIVE Stash of Cars & Trucks in Old Dealership | Barn Find Hunter

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  1. Tom, you’ve got to go longer or do multiple episodes with this awesome guy. I’d love to know his back story. Yard tour please. Keep up the good work. Guys like this motivate me to get more stuff

  2. Leno has a matching coal truck.
    I had a friend George, who worked for NJ BELL.
    He told me he walked across NJ behind a real truck like that one,
    using the poles to lift new telephone cables up, and onto the poles,
    then they turned around and wired them all into houses on the way back.
    Post WWII, just out of the Navy, and making 37 cents an hour!!
    He retired, 9 sons, and DiLs, a great wife, and the nicest guy you’ld ever meet.

  3. I would like to see much more of this collection. This is like a working museum. Them trucks are amazing, I have seen alot of old Ford trucks but never seen this many different types and brands in such great condition. Please show us more and more!!!

  4. Todd is great. I can see myself being just like him in 20-30 years. Just a bunch of random vehicles and every one so interesting with a story. Great video!

  5. That was fun. All the little things around the cars were starting to tell an interesting story of what Todd does for a living. Then when the cameras went outside….the story of the American Opportunity introduced itself.
    tHanks for a great tour and a fantastic video!

  6. It took Selden some 25+ years after his first patent application (1879) to actually build a motor vehicle. It’s quite a tale.

  7. Incredible collection and Todd is such a cool, down to earth guy! Your persistence on this find definitely paid off!

  8. I could watch this stuff all day long I really wish these episodes were longer I can’t get enough thanks Tom for doing what you do

  9. Amazing collection and the guy is so happy to show them…he’s definitely into the story and not the money! So cool!!!

    1. For the love of God get Tom to do some videos in Connecticut, I’ve been commenting the past 3 or 4 years, he comes here repeatedly for lime rock but doesn’t do any video here when there’s so much racing history and great hidden gems of cars people have

  10. What an absolute treasure to uncover! Todd is an amazing down-to-earth guy and I really like his style. I could’ve spent hours and hours in there.

  11. Todd needs a show of his own! Wow not only he’s got an eye for great vehicles, but he also knows his stuff, and furthermore, if he says it’ll start right up, he’s right it does! Very impressed with his collection!

  12. For nearly 30 years I was married to a woman whose father was one of 14 siblings that grew up in Western Maine. While together we made many trips out to New England to visit with her family. This video of you and Todd reminds me of the many times I got to spend visiting with her uncles still located in Maine. It was always a good time and their knowledge about all things mechanical was beyond impressive. I got to experience a number of local events like the Fryberg Fair (with some impressive vintage tractor pulls), local hot rod shows, and a classic car & tractor show to benefit the restoration of a water-powered mill that had been damaged by fire. Thanks for this video and the great memories it brought back for me.

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